Saturday, July 02, 2011

Can We Talk – Video Session #1 – Fire Starter

This is going to be a wonderful summer study! This video session is almost 25 minutes long because it familiarizes the student to the “5 Ps of Hearing God Through Scripture” in addition to introducing the topic for the first week of study: the tongue.

I anticipate that God will speak powerfully this week. Many of us have made great strides with God’s help to tame the tongue. Priscilla takes the illustration of a raging fire to a new level. She made me see that, although we may have put out the visible flames, there may be hidden fires doing damage in places where I can’t see it. My goal for this week will be to allow the Holy Spirit to put my tongue in check.

The Lord has already revealed an area of weakness in me where He is planning to do some work. I am task-oriented, so I am one of those people who MUST finish her homework. Sadly, I believe that I have missed out on so much relationship with God because of this. Rather than resting on a set of verses, I have rushed through to finish homework. What a messed up set of priorities! I look forward to the Lord changing me in this area.

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