Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Can We Talk – Homework Week #1, Day #4

Well, I won’t say that the 5 Ps are mastered, yet, but they are getting a bit easier. “Positioning” yourself to hear from God is crucial. If you have distractions, you’ll be tempted to rush through your time with God. Go to a quiet room, park, sit in the car in your driveway if you must, but get by yourself with God.

I also realize that the most intensive part of the effort is “Poring and Paraphrasing”. Take the time to meditate on the verse and read it several times before you write anything down. Strong poring and paraphrasing is a necessary foundation for building the remaining Ps into something life-changing.
I am so excited that the principles seem to be rising to the surface of the scripture verses rather than me having to exercise much effort to “Pull (them) Out”. Actually, if I spend enough time on the pore and paraphrase, the principles jump right out at me. Hallelujah!

We must “Pose” the tough questions if we really want to have a life-changing experience. Taking scripture personally is key. We know our pet peeves and the areas of our lives that need improvement. We need to ask those hard-hitting, below-the-belt questions to get us conversing with God about the areas where we’ve been held captive, not living in the freedom that Christ’s sacrifice purchased for us. Today, I tackled how I confront “miserable comforters” (Job 16:2-5) and how my words encourage and provide solace to others. This was definitely an area I needed to discuss with Jesus!

Again, “Plan and Pin” led to an immediate discussion with God during which I not only asked Him to make my words encouraging, but I also asked that He would teach me His Word so that I would be prepared to confront anything that is against what His Word says.

Today I even opted to work the 5 Ps through another set of scriptures over lunch instead of reading a really enjoyable Christian fiction book.

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