Monday, December 07, 2009

REVIEW: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

I have finally jumped on the bandwagon mostly occupied by teenage girls. I’ve been smitten by the second film in the smash-hit series and am now determined to read all four books before the third film releases this summer. Yes, I have finally cracked the cover of Stephenie Meyer’s novel, “Twilight”. It’s a bit chilly to be reading a novel where the pages turn so quickly that it creates a breeze, but I cannot put this book down. It is an incredibly easy to digest story of a very mature young woman who decides to live with her father in Washington State rather than keep her newlywed mother tied to home in Phoenix while her new husband is traveling around the country playing baseball. The adventures that ensue after her arrival in Forks is what propels this legendary series of novels.

Bella oozes with personality and pent-up feeling and massive self-control. Her attraction to Edward Cullen, who seems to be appalled at her existence in the beginning, is the stuff that all of the great classic romances are made of. Because of their differences, they should steer clear of their budding relationship, but that is where the self-control of our leading characters ends. Edward is the quintessential “bad boy” with a soft side – what a combination! The plot drips with the ageless battle of good versus evil – with the damsel at the center. “Twilight” introduces the vampire heroes and villains (as well as characters that seems to straddle that fine line) and promises future tales of werewolves in the overcast setting of Forks.

This book (it seems that the word to describe “Twilight” should be bigger) is loaded with action, flesh-and-blood characters, humor and thought-provoking moments that entertains, enchants and translates beautifully to the imagination. I look forward to many hours spent feeling the page-turning breezes of these cult-classic novels.

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