Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Getting Comfy: Ice Breakers #6 - Snapshots

We take lots of photographs during the holidays. So, in honor of our upcoming Christmas celebrations, here is an Ice Breaker for your small group.

This week's creative idea comes from the book, "Ice-Breakers and Heart-Warmers," by Steve Sheely. This idea helps the people in your group to know each other better by doing just what it's designed to do, break the ice.

Let the group take a look at some interesting scenes from your past. Write down or draw the following snapshots of your life and tell your group about the most interesting ones.
A time I was really happy:
A time I toughed it out and accomplished my goal:
A time I took a big chance but it paid off:
A time I was really embarrassed:
A time I really chickened out:
A time I was really sad:

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