Tuesday, December 22, 2009

REVIEW: The Lightkeeper's Daughter by Colleen Coble

At a lavish estate in Mercy Falls, California, Addie Sullivan finds danger—and quite possibly the love of her life.

Growing up as the lightkeeper’s daughter on a remote island at the turn of the century, Addie Sullivan has lived a hardscrabble life. When a long-lost and wealthy relative finds her and enlists her to work as a governess at a lavish estate, she hopes to discover the truth of her heritage. But at Eaton Hall, nothing is as it seems. Not the idyllic family she hoped for, not the child she was hired to help, not even the aloof man she’s immediately attracted to. Soon she must turn for help to Lieutenant John North, a man who views her with suspicion.

As Addie edges closer to the truth, danger threatens even as her romance with John blossoms and together they unravel a decades-old mystery. As Addie faces down her enemy, she discovers that faith in her one true Father is all she needs.

Here is my review of this incredible work of historical fiction:

First of all, I would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to Colleen Coble and Thomas Nelson Book Review Bloggers for sending me a copy of "The Lightkeeper's Daughter" to review for them. I have always been grateful for this generosity, and I am trying to improve at being consistent in taking the time to thank these wonderfully giving individuals in a public forum. I really appreciate your time, effort and expense in making a reviewer copy available to me.

The total experience of Colleen Coble’s latest novel, “The Lightkeeper’s Daughter”, begins by tantalizing the eye with an incredibly beautiful cover. The author’s name on the book influences the reader to grip it in hand until the checkout stand is reached and the purchase is paid for. When the cover is cracked, the spell is complete: a suspenseful climate is established early in this superb work of fiction. I was hooked from page one!

This novel tells the story of Addie Sullivan, a young woman who is believed to actually be Julie Eaton, a wealthy heiress who was separated from her family at a very young age during a shipwreck. Addie has been raised by a lighthouse keeper, and with the revelation of her true identity, she is beginning to put together the pieces of her life that have never seemed to fit properly. But this is when the true mystery begins. Is someone in the family trying to kill this young woman to keep her from inheriting her father’s estate?

Coble is a masterful storyteller who weaves mystery, romance and historical drama together into a beautiful, multi-dimensional tale. The reader can almost smell the sea air and feel the sand on the beach. The details of costume and language employed by Colleen Coble paints a vivid picture in the reader’s imagination. I highly recommend this wonderfully entertaining and inspiring book!


Colleen Coble said...

I'm so glad you liked it, Stacey! Thanks for the great review!

Jeanette said...

The cover is great. I nominated it in the Cover Cafe (www.covercafe.com)