Wednesday, March 25, 2015

One in a Million by Priscilla Shirer – Session 2

This week’s video teaching may have been a short session (at a little less than 30 minutes), but it was packed with truth and insight.  Everything that touches our lives is sifted through God’s fingers because we are His kids!  Basically, this means that God must allow what happens to us.  Don’t read on until that truth begins to sink in.

God calls His people to the wilderness.  We’ve been called to yield to the wilderness.  It is God’s will for us.  He wants us to confront our fears and realize our potential.  Sometimes the wilderness knocks us flat on our backs, but at that point, our only choice is to look up.  Hallelujah!

During our study time this week, we looked at our lives to determine if we are presently living in the wilderness and how we are encountering God on that journey.  Are we growing more dependent on Him?  We should be.  Are we finding it difficult to experience intimacy with God?  Are we obedient?  Or do we forget that God provides lavishly for our needs?  Are we being stripped of pride or clinging to arrogance and entitlement?

How is He revealing Himself to you?  What is He doing to refuel your tank and encourage you to keep moving forward with Him?  Are you experiencing refreshment and healing from His hand?  I pray you are encountering Him in mighty and miraculous ways.  My own journey is currently heading toward the mountaintop.  He’s growing me and revealing past immaturity so I don’t condemn others for similar belief.  He is lessening the anger I feel over certain situations and replacing it with the heart and mind of Christ that weeps for people, realizing that hurt people hurt people.

Instead of being upset and defensive, He’s teaching me a new tactic:  compassion.  I’m growing my prayer list.  I’m letting people know I’m available if they need me.  Praise Jesus, I’m being blessed with more of Him.

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