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Homiletics: Numbers 21

Contents (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture):  Where?                                                                Who?

When Canaanite king Arad heard Israel coming, he attacked & captured some; Israel vow to L: if you deliver these people into our hands, we destroy their cities.
L gave Canaanites to them, they destroyed them & their towns, place named Hormah (destruction); traveled from Mt. Hor to Red Sea to go around Edom, ppl grew impatient.
Spoke vs. God&M: why you brought us out of E to die in wilderness, no bread, no water, we detest this miserable food; L sent venomous snakes, many died.
ppltoM: we sinned, pray L take snakes away, so M prayed; LtoM: make snake, put on pole, anyone bitten can look at & live.
M made bronze snake, put on pole, anyone bitten looked & lived.
Is moved, camped at Oboth, set out, camped at Iye Abarim (wilderness that faces Moab toward sunrise), moved, camped in Zered Valley, set out, camped along Arnon (border of Moab, betw Moab & Amorites)
That why Book of the Wars of the Lord says: Zahab in Suphah and ravines, Arnon & slopes of ravines that lead to settlement of Ar & lie along border of Moab.
They cont’d to Beer, the well where L said to M: gather ppl & I give water; Is sang: Spring up o well, sing about well princes dug, that nobles of ppl sank; went to Mattanah, to Nahaliel, to Bamoth, to valley in Moab where Pisgah overlooks wasteland.
Is sent msgrs to Sihon king of Amorites: let us pass thru country, we not turn into field or vineyard or drink water, we travel along King’s Hwy; Sihon not let Is pass, mustered entire army vs. Is, when he reached Jahaz, he fought Is.
Is put him to sword, took over land from Arnon to Jabbok as far as Ammonites bec border fortified; Is captured all cities of Amorites & occupied incl Heshbon & surrounding settlements.
Heshbon was city of Sihon who fought vs. former king of Moab & taken all land as far as Arnon.
That why poets say: come to Heshbon, let it be rebuilt, let Sihon’s city be restored; fire went out from Heshbon, consumed Ar of Moab; woe to Moab, you destroyed ppl of Chemosh, he given up sons as fugitives & dtrs as captives to Sihon; we’ve overthrown. Heshbon’s dominion destroyed all the way to Dibon, as far as Nophah to Medeba.
Is settled in land of Amorites; after M sent spies to Jazer, Is captured surrounding settlements, drove out Amorites; went up toward Bashan, Og (king) & whole army marched to battle at Edrei.
LtoM: do not be afraid, I delivered him into your hands w/army & lands; do what you did to Sihon; they struck him down leaving no survivors, took possession of land.


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture):

Israel conquers Arad and destroys Canaanite cities
When the Lord is on your side, you’re undefeatable.
Looking to and believing in the sacrifice of Christ saves the lost.
Israel conquers Sihon and the Amorites
We can proceed confidently when God is directing our steps.
Israel conquers Og and Bashan
Doing God’s will equals to victorious living.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure):

God conquers Arad, Sihon and Og and Israel occupies Canaan.


Aim (Christian and Non-Christian):

TCMATK the Lord directs the steps of His people to our benefit and His glory.



How do you react when you are attacked for being God’s people?
What would your reaction be if some of your spiritual siblings were captured by an enemy?
When has the Lord given an enemy over to you?  How did you respond?
How does impatience hurt your relationship with God?  With others?
What might be the best way to deal with impatience or frustration?
Describe the snake built by Moses to save Israel.  What significant things does Scripture ay about this snake, what it’s made from and how it works?
How does the snake remind you of the cross of Christ?
Plot out the course taken by Israel on a map.  What do you learn by doing this?
What is the Book of the Wars of the Lord?
Why might Israel have sent messengers to Sihon king of the Amorites?
Why did Israel fight the Amorites when they turned away from the Edomites in Numbers 20?
What might occupying all the cities of the Amorites mean to Israel?
What is being said in the poem of Numbers 21:27-30?
What was different about Israel’s approach to king Og?
What makes you confident that you are obeying God’s will?
What direction did Israel receive from the Lord regarding Og?
How does being confident in your direction from the Lord affect your behavior?
According to Numbers 21:34-35, what happened to Sihon and Og?


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