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Homiletics Genesis 39-40

9 April 2013

Contents:            Where?                  Egypt, Potiphar’s House, Jail                     Who?  Joseph, Potiphar, Cupbearer

Ishmaelites sold Joseph to Pharaoh’s Captain of the guard, Potiphar, and the Lord was with Joseph.
Potiphar saw God was with handsome Joseph and made him overseer of house and only concerned himself with his own food.
Potiphar’s wife desired Joseph but he refused her advances saying he couldn’t sin against God.
She spoke to him daily but he didn’t listen, and one day he was working in the house without any other servants present and she caught his garment and he fled, leaving it.
She called the household men and said Joseph tried to make sport of her and kept his garment by her until his master came home and she told him the story.
Angry Potiphar  threw Joseph in jail, but the Lord was with him and he gained favor with chief jailer, putting him in charge of all prisoners so he didn’t have to supervise anything.
The cupbearer and baker offended Pharaoh and he was furious so he put them in jail where Joseph was.
Captain of body guard put Joseph in charge of them and they were confined for some time, and one night they both dreamed.
Joseph saw them both dejected and asked why they were sad and they said they dreamed and he said interpretations belong to God and to tell him the dreams.
Cupbearer told dream of vine w/3 branches, he took grapes and squeezed them into Pharaoh’s cup and put it in his hand.
Joseph said in 3 days Pharaoh will restore you to office, please mention me to Pharaoh when you get out for I was kidnapped.
Seeing favorable interpretation, baker told dream of 3 baskets of bread for Pharaoh on his head with birds eating out of the top basket.
Joseph said in 3 days, Pharaoh will hang you on a tree and birds will eat your flesh.
The third day was Pharaoh’s b’day and he restored the cupbearer to his office and hanged the baker, but the cupbearer forgot Joseph.



Potiphar’s house prospers under Joseph’s care.
The Lord brings prosperity.
When the Lord makes you prosperous, there is nothing for you to concern yourself with.
Others can see when the Lord is with you.
Joseph’s denial of Potiphar’s wife’s desire gets him thrown into prison, where Joseph prospers.
When we sin, we sin against God.
When temptation shows up, RUN!
There is safety in numbers.
People’s lies cannot harm us if we belong to the Lord.
Everything happens for a reason.
Prosperity isn’t limited by location or circumstances.
God uses all situations for the benefit of His people.
Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
Joseph prospers in jail, interprets dreams and is forgotten by the cupbearer.
The Lord orchestrates meetings to facilitate His plan.
The Lord presents opportunities for His people to glorify Him.
Sometimes we must start a conversation with a person to learn what we are to do for God.
God equips those He calls to serve Him.
God speaks to non-believers in dreams, too.


Subject Sentence:

Joseph prospers in Potiphar’s house, jail and with interpreting dreams.

Aim (Christian and Non-Christian):

TCMAT know that suffering is purposeful, prisons don’t limit God’s power or sovereignty and His empowerment of His people works with all other circumstances to bring His plan to fruition at the perfect time.



How have you experienced God making you prosperous?
What concerns have you been able to get rid of because God has made you prosperous?
In what way would others say they observe the Lord is with you?
What action can you take to insure that the Lord is with you and that others see it?
When you sin, against whom do you sin and how is that so?
What are some practical ways you can prepare to run from temptation and sin?
What action can you take to protect yourself from temptation and sin?
Describe a time when someone lied about you but the effect was minimal because of your relationship with God.
How can you explain the idea of God’s sovereign will being done and our free will being exercised?
What is the oddest place or situation you have ever witnessed God’s prosperity?
When you observe God’s prosperity in an odd place, what does that make you realize about God?
What seemingly negative situations has God used for your benefit?
Where has the Spirit of the Lord brought you freedom?
What introductions has God arranged for you to bring His plan to fruition?
Describe some opportunities God has given you to glorify Him lately.
With whom have you conversed lately where you learned about what God wanted you to do for Him?
In what way has God equipped you to serve Him?
How has God used non-believers to make Himself and His power known to you?


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