Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wonderstruck – Week Six – The Wonder of Forgiveness

This week, we’re memorizing…Micah 7:18-19

I was wonderstruck this week by…how freeing forgiveness really is!  There is an exercise in the workbook this week that will have you praying over the people and entities that have hurt you.  Boy did I need it this week as the government shutdown continues.  I was also wonderstruck by God’s creation!  What an artist our God is!  I got to experience part of our desert with a few friends who thought they’d pass the furlough time teaching me about geocaching.  I’m hooked!

How have you noticed God’s nearness recently?  An even deeper sense of peace permeates week two of the government shutdown and the furlough I’m experiencing as a result.  There will be no back pay for me, but I am receiving an even greater gift.  I’m being allowed the privilege of trusting God and seeing Him at work.  Honestly, I’m floored by how un-worried I am!!!  And I am writing the steps to the forgiveness exercise in this week’s homework in the notes section of my Bible for future use.

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