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Homiletics Exodus 19-20

Contents (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture):  Where?                Mt. Sinai             Who? God, Moses, Aaron, Israel

On 1st day of 3rd mo after left E, they came to Desert of Sinai; after Rephidim, entered Des of Sinai, Is camped in front of mt.
M went up to G, L called M: this what you tell Is – you seen what I did to E, how I carried you on eagles’ wings/brought you to me; if you obey/keep covenant, you be my treasured poss.  Though whole earth mine, you be kingdom of priests/holy nation.
M summoned elders, set all words L commanded; people: we do everything L said, M brought answer to L.
LtoM: I come in dense cloud, people hear me speak to you/always trust you; consecrate them today/tomorrow, have them wash clothes; be ready by 3rd day, L come down on Mt. Sinai in sight of people; put limits around mt, tell them: be careful not approach mt/touch foot of it, whoever touches, put to death – stoned/shot w/arrows, no hand laid on them, no person/animal live, only when ram’s horn sounds long blast, they approach.
M down mt to people, consecrated, they washed clothes; M: prepare selves for 3rd day, abstain from sex.
Morn of 3rd day, thunder/lightning, thick cloud over mt, loud trumpet blast, everyone trembled; M led people to meet w/God, stood at foot of mt; Mt. Sinai covered w/smoke bec L descend in fire, smoke billowed like from furnace, mt trembled violently.
As trumpet grew louder, M spoke, G ans; L descend to top of Mt Sinai, called M to top; L: warn people not force through see L, perish; even priests must consecrate selves of L break out against them.
MtoL: people cannot come up bec you warned us put limits around mt/set apart as holy; L: go down, bring A up, priests/people must not come up or L break out against them; M went down, told them.
G: I am L G, brought you out E/land of slavery, you have no other gods; you not make image of anything/worship, I jealous G, punishing to 3rd/4th gen those who hate me, love to 1000 gen those who love me/keep cmd.
“You not misuse name of L, L not hold anyone guiltless who misuses name; remember Sabbath, keep holy; 6 days labor, 7th day Sabbath to L, not work – you, son daughter, servant, animals, foreigner; in 6 days L made heavens/earth/sea, rested 7th day, blessed Sabbath.
Honor father/mother that you live long in land; you shall not murder, commit adultery, steal, give testimony against neighbor, covet neighbor’s house, wife, servant, ox, donkey, anything.”
When people saw thunder/lightning, heard trumpet, saw smoke, they trembled w/fear, stayed at distance, said to M: speak and we listen, do not have God speak/we die.
Mto people: do not be afraid, G test you so fear of G keep you from sinning; people remained at distance, M approached thick darkness where G was.
LtoM: tell Is: you seen I spoke you from heaven; not make gods of silver/gold; make altar of earth for me/sacrifice burnt/fellowship off, sheep, goats, cattle, where I cause my name be honored, I come/bless you; if altar of stones, not dressed stones, you defile if you use tool; do not go to altar on steps or private parts may be exposed.


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture):

God has Moses prepare Israel and gives instruction about meeting Him at Mt. Sinai.
God’s people are His treasured possession, a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.
We must be near enough to God to hear to whom He’s speaking so we know whom to trust.
Obeying limits set by God saves our lives.
God meets Moses on Mt. Sinai on the 3rd day, asks him to bring Aaron and warns that the people shouldn’t force their way through.
The Lord’s presence is evident to His people.
God speaks His commandments to Moses (and Aaron).
God’s commandments are His loving limits to His people.
God instructs Moses about building and using an altar.
People’s tendency to remain distant from God and follow a human leader increases the possibility of worshiping a false god.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure):

God speaks His commandments to Moses on Mt. Sinai.


Aim (Christian and Non-Christian):

TCMAT seek the Lord for themselves and develop a more intimate relationship with Him through Bible study and prayer.



Where and when do you meet with God?
What does God’s Word say about His people being a treasured possession, a kingdom of priests and a holy nation?  Give verses.
What changes will you make in your life as a result of what God says about His people being a treasured possession, a kingdom of priests and a holy nation?
How do you discern which Christian leaders to learn from?
What limits has God set in your life and how have they saved you?
In what way has the Lord’s presence been evident to you this week?
How have the ten commandments served as God’s loving limits in your life?
What action will you take today to hear directly from God and stop basing your relationship with Him on His interaction with someone else?
What counsel would you give someone who wants to hear directly from God?


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