Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wonderstruck – Week Seven – Final Celebration Gathering

This week, we’re done memorizing…we’re celebrating!

I was wonderstruck this week by…how the Lord is maturing the body of believers.

How have you noticed God’s nearness recently?  As we celebrate the completion of another Bible study, I am thankful to have made new friends.  I am grateful for opportunities to pray and see answers to those prayers.  I am joyful because the Lord gave me the privilege of serving Him and a lovely group of ladies in the body of Christ.  These are all reasons to celebrate!

I’ve been wonderstruck over the last seven weeks at how the Lord has seemed to arrange for me to encounter Him in a way that corresponds with what we’ve been studying each week.


Please return next week as we begin Angela Thomas’ study “Stronger”.  You definitely don’t want to miss this one.


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