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Homiletics Gen 11:26-32; Acts 7:2-8; Rom 4:13-25; Gal 3:6-9,16,29; Heb 11:8-19

20 March 2013

Contents:            Where?                  Ur, Haran                                           Who? Abram, Sarai

Gen 11:26-28
Terah was 70 then fathered Abram, Nahor and Haran; Haran fathered Lot and died in Ur.
Gen 11:29-30
Abram married Sarai (who was barren), Nahor married Milcah (daughter of Haran and sister of Iscah).
Gen 11:31-32
Terah took Abram, Lot and Sarai and left Ur to settle in Haran where Terah died at 205.
Acts 7:2-4
Stephen said God’s told Abraham, Leave your country & relatives; he stayed in Haran until his father died then settled where you live now.
Acts 7:5-6
Abram didn’t receive a foot of ground but God promised it to A’s descendants, prophesying they would be aliens and enslaved 400 years.
Acts 7:7-8
I will judge the nation they’re in bondage to, they will come out & serve me here and He gave the covenant of circumcision; Abraham fathered Isaac, I fathered Jacob, J fathered the 12 tribes.
Rom 4:13-15
Promise of heir to world thru righteousness of faith, not Law for Law brings wrath.
Rom 4:16-18
By faith a promise is guaranteed to descendants of Abraham, father of many nations; he believed.
Rom 4:19-22
His body as good as dead, he believed God could do it and it was credited to him as righteousness.
Rom 4:23-25
Credited for his sake and ours for we will be credited as those who believe in Him Who raised Jesus, Who was delivered for our transgressions and raised for our justification.
Gal 3:6-7
Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness, so be sure those of faith are A’s sons.
Gal 3:8-9
God justifies Gentiles by faith, gospel preached to Abraham in advance, those of faith blessed through Abraham.
Gal 3:16, 29
Promise to Abraham and seed, that is Christ; if you belong to Christ, you are A’s descendants.
Heb 11:8-10
By faith Abraham obeyed, going to place of inheritance, lived as alien in land of promise with Isaac and Jacob, looking for city built by God.
Heb 11:11-12
By faith, Sarah conceived and bore to one man as good as dead, innumerable descendants.
Heb 11:13-16
All died in faith w/o receiving promises, confessed being strangers on earth, seeking country of their own; if they thought of country they left, they could go back; they desire better, heavenly country and God prepared city.
Heb 11:17-19
By faith Abraham offered Isaac, in whom his descendants would be called, believing God could raise him from the dead.



Gen 11:26-32
Terah has a family in Ur and moves them to Haran.
The head of the family is responsible to lead his descendants in godly living.
Acts 7:2-8
Stephen testifies about Israel’s history from Abraham to the 12 Tribes.
When God tells you to do something, obey.
Children are a blessing.
Believing God leads to blessing that we may not see.
Rom 4:13-25; Gal 3:6-9,16,29
Abraham’s belief, credited as righteousness, blesses the world.
We are credited with righteousness for our belief in Christ.
You are Abraham’s child if you have faith in Christ.
If you are a believer, you were promised to Abraham as a descendant.
Heb 11:8-19
By faith, Abraham obeyed, Sarah conceived, many died without receiving promises and Abraham offered Isaac.
Our promised inheritance is eternity.
God can raise the dead, and does so today every time He embraces a new believer.


Subject Sentence:

God credits Abraham’s belief and obedience as righteousness to us.


Aim (Christian and Non-Christian):

TCMCATK that faith in Christ is our blessing and legacy from God’s promise to Abraham.



What action will you take today to lead your family in following God?
How have you obeyed God recently?
In what way have you demonstrated to your children that you consider them a blessing?
How might you teach your children to believe God in spite of the possibility that they may not see His blessings in this life?
What promises are guaranteed to Abraham’s descendants?
What can God do for you today that you are trusting Him for?
How have we been blessed because of Abraham?
How have you been raised from death to life by Christ?


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