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Homiletics Exodus 25-31

Contents (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture):  Where?                  Mt. Sinai            Who?  Moses, God

LtoM: tell Israel bring offering: gold, silver, bronze, blue, purple, scarlet yarn, fine linen, goat hair, ram skins dyed red, another durable leather, acacia wood, olive oil, spices, onyx, other gems.
Have them make sanctuary for me, make exactly like pattern I show you; make ark of acacia wood overlay w/gold, cast 4 gold rings, fasten to feet; make poles of acacia overlay w/gold, insert into rings of ark to carry, pole remain, not removed; put in tablets I give you; make atonement cover of gold, 2 cherubim of hammered gold at ends, one piece w/cover, wings spread up, facing each other looking toward cover; place cover on ark, put in tablets of covenant law; above cover, between cherubim I meet w/you, give you commands.
Make table of acacia overlay w/gold, make four gold rings fasten to corners close to rim, make poles of acacia overlay w/gold to carry table; make plates/dishes of gold, pitchers and bowls; put bread of Presence on table before me at all times; make lampstand of gold, flowerlike cups, buds, blossoms; 6 branches extend from lampstand; 3 cups like almond flowers w/buds and blossoms on all six branches;  4 cups like almond flowers w/buds and blossoms on lampstand; 1 bud under each pair of branches; buds and branches all 1 pc w/lampstand; make 7 lamps, set up on it, light space; wick trimmers/trays of gold; a talent of gold to be used for lampstand and all accessories; make according to pattern shown you on mt.
Make tabernacle w/10 curtains finely twisted linen, blue/purple/scarlet yarn w/ cherubim woven in; all curtains same size, join 5 together; make loops of blue mat’l along edge of end curtain in each set; make 50 loops on one curtain & on end of other set opposite each other; make 50 gold clasps to fasten curtains together; make 11 curtains of goat hair for tent over tabernacle, same size; join 5 into one set, 6 into other, fold 6th double at front of tent; make 50 loops along edge of end curtain in each set; make 50 bronze clasps to fasten tent together; ½ curtain left over to hang down at rear of tabernacle; tent curtains 1 cubit longer both sides hang over sides of tabernacle to cover; make tent covering ram skins dyed red, over that covering of durable leather.
Make upright frames of acacia, 20 frames for south; make 40 silver bases to go under; 20 frames for north, 40 silver bases; 6 frames for west, 2 frames for corners, 16 silver bases; make crossbars of acacia, 5 for frames on each side, center crossbar from end to end overlay frames w/gold, make gold rings to hold crossbars; overlay crossbars w/gold; set up according to plan shown you; make curtain of blue/purple/scarlet yarn & finely twisted linen w/cherubim woven in, hang w/gold hooks on 4 posts acacia overlaid w/gold standing on 4 silver bases; hang curtain from clasps, place ark behind curtain, curtain will separate HP from MHP, put atonement cover on ark in MHP; place table outside curtain on N, lampstand on S; for entrance, make curtain blue/purple/scarlet yarn & finely twisted linen, make gold hooks for curtain & 5 posts acacia overlaid w/gold, cast 5 bronze bases for them.
Build altar acacia, make horn at 4 corners, overlay w/bronze; make all utensils of bronze: pots to rem ashes, shovels, sprinkling bowls, meat forks, firepans; make grating, a bronze network, make bronze ring at each corner of network, put under ledge halfway up altar; make poles of acacia overlay w/bronze; poles inserted into rings on 2 sides of altar when carried; make altar hollow out of boards as shown on mt; make courtyard, S&N have curtains of finely twisted linen w/20 posts, 20 brz bases w/silver hooks, bands on posts; W have curtains w/10 posts & bases; E have curtains w/3 posts/bases on each side of entrance; entrance to courtyard, curtain blue/purple/scarlet yarn & linen w/4 posts & bases; all posts to have silver bands & hooks & brz bases; courtyard curtains linen w/brz bases; all other articles used in svc of tabernacle incl tent pegs bronze; cmd IS bring clear olive oil so lamps kept burning; in tent of mtg outside curtain the shields ark, A & sons keep lamps burning eve to morn, lasting ordinance for generations.
A, sons Nadab & Abihu, Eleazar & Ithamar serve as priests; make sacred garments for A: breastpiece, ephod, robe, woven tunic, turban, sash; use gold, blue/purple/scarlet yarn, fine linen; ephod have 2 shoulder pieces attached to 2 corners for fastening;2 onyx stones engrave names of sons of Is in order of birth 6 names on ea stone, mount in gold filigree & fasten on shoulder pieces of ephod as memorial stones; make god filigree settings and 2 braided chains of gold like rope attach to settings.
Fashion breastpiece for making decisions like ephod (gold, blue/purple/scarlet yarn, linen), square, folded double, mount 4 rows of precious stones: 1st carnelian, chrysolite, beryl, 2nd turquoise, lapis lazuli, emerald, 3rd jacinth, agate, amethyst; 4th topaz, onyx, jasper; mount in gold filigree settings; 1 stone for each name of son of Is, engraved like seal; for breastpiece, make braided chains of gold like rope; make 2 gold rings, fasten to 2 corners; fasten 2 gold chains to rings at corners; attaché chains to shoulder pieces at front; make 2 gold rings, attach to 2 corners of breastpiece on inside edge next to ephod; make 2 gold rings attach to bottom of shoulder pieces on front of ephod close to seam just above waistband; tie rings of breastpiece to rings of ephod w/blue cord, connect to waistband so breastpiece not swing out from ephod; When A enters HP, he bear names of sons of Is over heart; put urim and thummim in breastpiece so they over A’s heart when he enters presence of L, A always bear means of making decision.
Make robe of blue cloth, opening for head at center, woven edge like collar; make pomegranates of blue/purple/scarlet yarn around hem w/gold bells between; A must wear, sound of bells heard when he enters HP so he not die; make plate of gold, engrave HOLY TO THE LORD, fasten blue cord to attach to turban on front; he bear guilt; weave tunic of linen, make turban of linen, sash work of embroiderer; make tunics, sashes, caps for A’s sons, put on clothes/anoint & ordain them; make linen undergarments (waist to thigh), must wear whenever enter tent of mtg/approach altar, lasting ordinance.
To consecrate: young bull, 2 rams w/o defect, from finest wheat flour, make round loaves w/o yeast, present w/bull & rams; bring A & sons to entrance, wash them w/water, dress A (tunic, robe, ephod, breastpiece, turban, emblem), anoint him, dress sons in tunics & caps, tie sashes, ordain; bring bull, A&sons lay hands on head, slaughter, put blood on horns of altar pour rest at base, take fat on organs, liver & kidneys burn on altar; burn flesh, hide, intestines outside camp (sin offering); take 1 ram, A&sons lay hands, slaughter, splash blood against sides of altar, cut into pieces, wash internal organs & legs, burn entire ram on altar, take other ram, A&sons lay hands, slaughter, put blood on rt ear lobes of A&sons, thumbs of rt hands, big toes of rt feet, splash blood against sides of altar; take some blood from altar and anointing oil, sprinkle on A&sons & garments.
Take from this ram fat, fat tail, fat on organs, liver, kidney, rt thigh (ram for ordination); take 1 thick loaf & 1 thin loaf of bread, put in A&sons hands, have them wave before L, burn them, take breast of ram (A’s ordination) wave before L, your share; breast and thigh perpetual share for  A&sons Is make from fellowship offerings; A’s sacred garments belong to descendants they anointed/ordained in them; son who succeeds to wear them 7 days; take ram for ordination, cook meat in sacred place; at entrance to tent of mtg A&sons eat meat and bread in basket, no one else eat, any left over burn, sacred; take 7 days to ordain, sacrifice bull each day as sin offering; offer on altar regularly each day 2 lambs 1 yr old, 1 morning, 1 twilight, w/ea 1/10 ephah finest flour  & ¼ hin olive oil & ¼ hin wine, for generations this offering made at entrance, there I meet/speak to you & meet w/Is; so I consecrate tent of mtg, altar, A&sons to serve as priests, then I dwell among Is/be their God; they know I L who brought out of E.
Make altar of acacia for burning incense, square, horns, overlay w/gold, make 2 gold rings on opposite sides to hold poles to carry; make poles of acacia overlay w/gold; put altar in front of curtain that shields ark; A burn incense every morning when he tends lamps; burn again when he lights lamps at twilight so incense burn regularly; do not offer any other incense, burnt or grain offering or pour drink offering on altar; once a year A make atonement on horns w/blood of sin offering.
LtoM: when you take census, each one pay ransom, no plague come on them, each give a half shekel, 20 yrs or more give offering; rich not give more, poor not give less; receive money, use for service of tent of mtg.
LtoM: make bronze basin w/bronze stand for washing, place betw tent of mtg and altar, put water in it, A&sons wash hands and feet w/water from it; whenever they enter tent they wash so they not die; when they approach altar by presenting food offering they wash hands/feet so they not die,, lasting ordinance.
LtoM: take myrrh, cinnamon, calamus, cassia, olive oil, make into sacred anointing oil, use to anoint tent, ark, table/articles, lampstand/accessories, altar of incense, altar of burnt offering/utensils, basin/stand; consecrate them, whatever touches them be holy; anoint A&sons; do not pour on anyone else, do not make another oil using formula, sacred, whoever makes perfume like it cut off; take gum resin, onycha, galbanum, frankincense and make incense; grind some, place in front of ark, do not make this formula for yourselves, holy, whoever makes cut off.
LtoM: I chosen Bezalel (son of Uri – Hur – Judah), I filled w/Spirit/wisdom/understanding, knowledge/skills to make designs in gold, silver, bronze, to cut/set stones, to work wood, to engage in crafts; I appointed Oholiab (son of Ahisamak – Dan) to help; I given ability to all skilled workers to make everything: tent, ark, atonement cvr, furnishings, table and articles, lampstand, accessories, altar of incense, altar of burnt offering, utensils, basin, stand, woven garments, anointing oil, fragrant incense for HP.
LtoM: say to Is – you must observe Sabbaths, it holy, anyone who desecrates put to death, those who work cut off, 6 days work, 7th Sabbath rest, lasting covenant, sign between me & Is forever, in 6 days L made heavens/earth, 7th day He rested was refreshed; when L finished speaking, gave 2 tablets of covenant law inscribed by finger of God.


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture):

The Tabernacle
The tabernacle is where God dwelled with the people of Israel in the desert and each article has significance in the life of Christ and our lives today.
The Priests
We are a kingdom of priests, set apart for what God wills.
The Remaining Articles, The Census, The Sacred Oil and Incense
We should not take what God has proclaimed holy and make it common.
The People
We are all given gifts to serve the Lord.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure):

God gives the pattern for the tabernacle, articles and priesthood.


Aim (Christian and Non-Christian):

TCMATK that the patterns established by God with Moses on the mountain are representative of Christ and pertinent to our identity as kingdom priests.



What materials did the Lord tell Moses to have the Israelites bring?
What significance do these materials have in other parts of the Bible?
What offerings has the Lord requested of you and what offerings have you brought Him?
What sort of sanctuary does the Lord desire now?
What might the articles of the OT tabernacle be representative of in the NT?
What might the tabernacle articles represent in your life?
Which article of the tabernacle has the greatest significance to you now, and why?
Why do you think the instructions for creating the tabernacle were so specific?
Draw a representation of the tabernacle.
What are the differences between the garments worn by the High Priest and those of the Priest?
What might these garments be representative of in the NT?
As a priest of God’s kingdom, what might these garments represent for you today?
Why might the instructions for clothing the priests have been so detailed?
Draw a representation of the High Priest’s clothes and those of the Priest.
Describe the consecration of the priests.  As a spectator, what might you see, hear, smell, feel, taste?  What would be your observations from the priests’ point of view?  Moses’?
Describe the ordination of the priests.  As a spectator, what might you see, hear, smell, feel, taste?  What would be your observations from the priests’ point of view?  Moses’?
Why might Moses have been reminded that sacred items (like the anointing oil and incense) were not to be made for common use?
What holy aspect of your life are you treating as common and how will you change your behavior?
What does it mean that each of the articles was to be anointed?  How does this affect how you see your own service to God?
What instructions were given to the people?  If they are still valid today, how do you follow them?
What gifts has God given you and how are you using those gifts to serve Him?
Describe your Sabbath.
How might you have treated an item given to you by God that He made?
What has God made and given to you?


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