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Homiletics Exodus 32:1-33:6

Contents (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture):  Where?                  Desert, Mt. Sinai            Who?  God, Moses, Joshua, Aaron, Israelites

When people saw M long in coming down mtn, they gathered around A: make us gods, as for M, we don’t know what happened to him; A: take off gold earrings, bring to me; people took off, brought them.
He took, made into idol in shape of calf, fashioning w/tool, they: these your gods who brought you out of E; when A saw, built altar in front of calf: tomorrow be festival to Lord; next day people rose early/sacrificed burnt off/presented fellowship off, afterward sat to eat/drink, got up to indulge in revelry.
LtoM: go, people corrupt, quick to turn away, made idol, bowed and sacrificed to it & said: these your gods, brought you out of E; they stiff-necked, now leave so my anger burn and I may destroy them then I make you great nation.
M sought favor of L: why your anger burn, why Egyptians say “…he brought them out, to kill them…”, turn from anger, do not bring disaster on people, remember AII you swore:  I make your descendants numerous as stars, give land, their inheritance forever; L relented.
M went down mtn w/2 tablets of cov law inscribed front & back; tablets were work of G, writing of G.
When J heard people shouting, to M: sound of war in camp; M: not sound of victory/defeat, sound of singing; M approached camp, saw calf & dancing, anger burned, threw tablets, breaking them; took calf, burned in fire, ground to powder, scattered on water, made people drink.
He to A: what people do that you led them into such great sin; A: don’t be angry, you know how prone they are to evil, they said, make us gods, as for M, we don’t know what happened to him; so I told them: any gold jewelry, take off, I threw in fire, out came calf.
M saw people running wild, A let them get out of control, so become laughingstock to enemies; @ entrance to camp: whoever for the L come to me; Levites rallied; he to them: this what L says: each man strap sword to side, go back and forth thru camp killing brother/friend/neighbor; Levites did as commanded, about 3000 died; M: you set apart to L today for you against own sons, brothers; He blessed you this day.
Next day, M to people: you committed great sin, now I go up to L, perhaps I can make atonemt; M went back to L: what great sin people committed, made gods of gold, please forgive, if not – blot me out of book; LtoM: whoever sinned I blot out, go lead people to place I spoke of, my angel go before you, when time to punish, I punish; L struck people w/plague bec of what they did w/A & calf.
LtoM: leave, you and people go to land I promised AIJ; I send angel before you, drive out “ites”; go but I not go w/you, you stiff-necked, I might destroy you; people heard distressing words, began to mourn, no one put on ornaments.
LtoM: tell Is “you stiff-necked, if I go w/you, I might destroy. Take off ornaments, I decide what to do w/you; Is stripped off ornaments @ Mt. Horeb.


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture):

A Golden Calf and Broken Tablets
Impatience can lead to sinful action and dire consequences.
Leaders should protect the crowd from themselves, not go along with them.
Worship and sacrifice belong to God alone.
Godly leaders protect the Lord’s reputation, not their own interests.
Moses Confronts Aaron and the Levites are Set Apart
Confessing half a sin in deceitful.
Strong leadership makes a strong nation.
Those who are for the Lord are set apart from others.
Obedience to God brings blessing from Him.
Moses Confronts Israel, Bringing Instruction from the Lord
Godly leaders take responsibility for their flocks.
We should mourn when we’ve sinned against God.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure):

Moses breaks the Lord’s tablets when Israel worships a calf.


Aim (Christian and Non-Christian):

TCMATK God alone is deserving of our praise and worship, and our obedience and allegiance to Him bring blessing.



How have you experienced or observed impatience leading to sin and what consequences resulted?
How will you curb your impatience or that of those you love to avoid sin?
When have you protected someone from their own behavior?
How do you prepare yourself to avoid going along with the crowd?
What things other than God are you tempted to worship?
How have you protected the Lord’s interest?
How did Aaron’s confession to Moses in Exodus 32:21-24 about the creation of the calf differ from the account written in Exodus 32:1-6?
When have you observed a strong leader influencing a group to be strong?
Without naming names, under what circumstances have you observed a weak leader influencing a group to be weak?
What action might you take to increase the strength of a group?
How have you been set apart for the Lord?
In what way have you experienced God’s blessing as a direct result of your obedience?
In what way do you, as a leader, take responsibility for your flock?
How has the leadership over you taken responsibility for you?
How do you react when you’ve sinned against God?


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