Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Secret Sister Ideas

Super Secret Sisters - here is a terrific idea used by one church to bless ladies who don't normally get involved in women's ministry events and draw them into the fold.

This expanded idea motivates women to reach out further into their sphere of influence, which goes toward fulfilling the commandment in Mark 14 to love your neighbor.

One church gave a Secret Sister (women who volunteered) to women who were not really connected or plugged in anywhere, women who are new, senior ladies or ladies who just didn't seem to make friends easily. You can image their surprise when they started to get blessed! It really meant a lot to be reached out to in such a way. Many Super Secret Sisters starting joining the Bible study groups, attending Ladies Night Out, and making friends. They run the Super Secret Sisters program twice a year for two, six-month periods. They found that you get to know more ladies that way. They also send out a monthly letter with words of encouragement, gift suggestions and funny Secret Sister stories. This helps keep your secret sister on your mind and in your prayers. At the time that I read this, they had 64 participants and reportedly were having a blast!

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