Monday, August 17, 2009

Day Seventeen – The Love Dare: One Wife’s Journey

The scripture verse that touched me in particular today is – Genesis 2:25

Thank You, Lord, for opening my eyes to this verse in a new way. Superficial nakedness is certainly a part of marriage, and it may take time and effort in the beginning of a relationship before you feel no shame about your nakedness. But there is a nakedness of spirit…of character…of weakness… that applies much deeper in the relationship. Your spouse sees your weakest moments. They know your skeletons – sometimes they even help you hide them in the closet. They can encourage you to make them known so that they lose power over you.

To be naked like this and not ashamed attests to a deep relationship that is worth working at, saving and nurturing. I thank You, Lord, that this is the sort of relationship my husband and I share.

Love promotes intimacy…
It sure does. Physically, emotionally, mentally… We need to be gentle with each other’s baggage, faults, struggles. We need to make our mate feel safe with having no secrets in the relationship.

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