Monday, August 03, 2009

Day Three – The Love Dare: One Wife’s Journey

The scripture verse that touched me in particular today is –

Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves. Philippians 2:3

Lord, I definitely have issues with humility. It’s easy for me to think well of those I like or admire, but I learned a “victim mentality” growing up. Although I no longer seek to feed my “martyr complex”, I still need You to change me in this area. Please teach me to see people with Your eyes so that my selfishness reduces on a daily basis until it ceases to exist at all.

Love is not selfish…
Today’s dare is to buy a gift. During my first reading of "The Love Dare" back in October 2008, I thought about it while I was waiting for BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) to begin. I wondered if I could pretend that the hard-boiled eggs I made him last night was today’s gift. No. I’m ashamed of myself for wanting to cop-out like that. Then it came to me. I had to stop at the bank anyway, and there is a Dollar Tree in the same shopping center as the bank, so I’d run into that store and pick up a couple of cold packs for him to put in his lunch bag to keep everything cold. That’s what I did. They’re in the freezer, now, getting ready for use.

But I realized that I missed it – at least part of it. Or I should say that the Holy Spirit finally got through my thick skull, as I don't believe I realized anything on my own! A lady at church is making the church fellowship meal this evening. She asked if I would go pick her up a box of corn flakes, and in a nutshell, I refused. I came up with several excuses – including my bank and shopping errands and having to drop my husband off at work. But I still said, “no”. Now, instead of receiving a blessing because I loved my sister-in-Christ well, I get to swallow my pride and apologize to her, tonight. Again, this love dare isn’t just about my marriage, it’s about loving others like Jesus does. I pray that God will make me more willing to serve the next time I have the opportunity to do so.

This is now...

Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. Romans 12:10

It is impossible to be selfish and put someone else first. To be devoted to another requires sacrifice. To give preference to another requires denying oneself.

I find myself able to put my husband first when it doesn’t cost me much. I am devoted to him above all other people. I allow him to have his way when I really don’t have a preference or an opinion. One out of three ain’t bad… Actually, what this tells me is that I’m not very sacrificial. I guess I’m pretty selfish. Although I do want what’s best for him, and I want him to feel loved by me. How can I achieve this? Buying a gift won’t do. Maybe I’ll make him a favorite meal. Liver and onions? YUCK!

Lord, I realize I’m selfish and I don’t want to be. Please cleanse me and give me creative ideas to show my husband how much You and I care for him. And please don’t ask me to show it with a plate of liver. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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