Saturday, August 22, 2009

Day Twenty-Two – The Love Dare: One Wife’s Journey

The scripture verse that touched me in particular today is – Psalm 119:30

People will know us by our love, Lord. I want people to know and accept that I belong to You. I thank You for my marriage and the opportunity to be faithful. I also thank You for recently reuniting me with old friends that I allowed to push me away because of my faith. Help me, Father, to be faithful in loving and praying for those I used to call my friends.

Love is faithful…
I must admit that there were moments in my marriage that I was only able to love my husband as an act of sheer will, just like the book says. And today’s reading not only impacted me there, but also in the area of friendships. I’ve let people push me away and stopped loving them. Well, not really. I’ve continued to pray for them when they popped into my mind. But now that I’m reuniting with them on Facebook, I’m praying for opportunities to reach them in Christ’s name.

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