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Bible Study: Taking A Stand - Daniel - Chapter 10

Vision occurred around 536 BC (Daniel – God’s Blueprint for Bible Prophecy – Kay Arthur)

Daniel is 83. This encounter immediately precedes the revelation given by the angel in chapter 11.

10:1-9 – Daniel’s final vision. He is given insight into the great spiritual battle between God’s people and their enemy. There is also more detailed information on the future, specifically the struggles between the Ptolemies (kings of the South) and the Seleucids (kings of the North). (Life App SB)

Why didn’t Daniel return to Jerusalem when Cyrus allowed the Jews to leave Babylon? Perhaps he was too old (he was over 80) to make the hazardous trip, or he believed that God wanted to continue to use him in Babylon. (Life App SB)

10:4 – see Leviticus 23:4-7 – this vision came 10 days after the Passover and 3 days after the end of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Daniel would have commemorated these events, probably with mourning that he couldn’t celebrate them openly in his homeland. (Daniel – Beth Moore)

10:5-6 – this is Jesus. (Daniel – Beth Moore) See Daniel 12:5-6 – two others – this man in linen is a different being from the one who speaks with Daniel (the angel). (Daniel – Beth Moore) This man in linen was above the waters! See Ezekiel 1:25-28, Revelation 1:12-16 and Daniel 7:9.

10:7 – those with Daniel fled. Why? They didn’t see the vision. Did they hear him speak?

“I, Daniel, was the only one who saw the vision” - If you see it, it was meant for you! (Daniel – Beth Moore)

Notice Daniel’s postures: his companions flee in v. 7; he is presumed standing, pale, helpless, and without strength in v. 8; he is on his face on the ground in v. 9; he is pulled up onto trembling hands and knees in v. 10; he stood up in v. 11; bowed with face to ground in v. 15. (Daniel – Beth Moore)

10:9 – the man in linen’s words are not recorded. Perhaps they were too awesome!

10:10 – this is a different being that touched him.

10:11 – I have now been sent to you. This wasn’t the same being Daniel saw in linen. (Daniel – Beth Moore)

10:12 – we need to set our heart to understand and humble ourselves before God for our words to be heard.

10:13 – the prince of the Persian kingdom resisted me – this is not Christ. He wouldn’t need Michael’s help.

I was detained – God allowed the angel to be detained.

See Psalm 8:4-6.

See Ephesians 6:10-13 – none of us have a clue what spiritual battles are being waged!

See Hebrews 1:14 – angels minister, influence…

Michael – first mention of him. His name means “who is like God.” He is the highest ranking angel. He is Israel’s angelic prince!!!

See Jude 9 – Satan argues with Michael over Moses’ body. See Deuteronomy 34:5-12 – God buried Moses. No one knows where he is buried because all that God accomplished through Moses may be twisted by people so that they would worship Moses’ bones instead of God. So, God hid the body. Satan’s argument with Michael may have been over the location of Moses’ body because he will do ANYTHING to take the focus off of God. (Daniel – Beth Moore)

See Revelation 12:1-12 – the woman with the 12 stars is Israel. The child is the messiah. The 1260 days = time, times and half a time (see v. 14). The war describes in vv. 7-12 is yet to come.

The angel was fighting a spiritual battle, NOT A HUMAN. He was battling the angel who was influencing the named human (Prince of Persia).

Why Persia? See Ezra 1:1-4; 4:1-5. This was the time of Esther.

Why Greece? See Daniel 8:20-24. This is the man of intrigue (Antiochus).

10:20 – see Daniel 8:15-22.

10:20-21 – “These verses flash a sobering warning: overcoming demonic forces is not a once-for-all thing.” (Daniel – Beth Moore: God’s Pattern for the Future by Chuck Swindoll)

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