Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Wonderstruck – Week Two – The Wonder of God’s Presence

This week, we’re memorizing…Psalm 19:1

I was wonderstruck this week by…how God equips the called.  My schedule is really full, but I’ve felt a tug from the Lord to step into another ministry where I’ve been burying my talent for years by not participating.  I made lots of excuses in the past, but this week I was obedient.  I feel His pleasure.  My schedule is still filled, but it is filled with more of Him.  I’m still getting enough sleep and I can feel other areas of my life falling into place.  It’s amazing how disobedience can throw our whole life into turmoil.

I was also wowed by a couple of exercises in this week’s homework.  Writing the lament was a wonderful experience that took my focus from myself and the stormy circumstances of my life and put my eyes back on my Savior!  I hope I remember this exercise when I experience tough times in the future.  There was another exercise that really opened my eyes to God’s plans and purposes.  We had to go through the six days of creation and determine what Bible stories wouldn’t have transpired without God creating that particular “thing”.  For example, if God hadn’t created the heavens, atmosphere and clouds, the pillar of cloud would never have manifested in Exodus and Christ wouldn’t be able to come with the clouds in Revelation.

How have you noticed God’s nearness recently?  In spite of the age of Scripture, His Word falls fresh upon me.  I am studying Matthew with BSF this year, and I’ve been praying that I would see the Gospel with fresh eyes since I’ve studied it before.  And this has been a prayer that God has answered beautifully.  He is unearthing nuggets of treasure for me to savor as I chew on the verses we’re studying.  He is saturating me in His presence.  Hallelujah!

I’ve felt Him through the encouragement of brothers and sisters in Christ.  I’ve seen Him in the mountains and the clouds.  I’ve sensed Him early in the morning while I walk my dogs and read my devotions.  He is always there – whether I feel Him of not.  Knowing that gives me peace.

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Margaret Feinberg said...

Love the examples you gave of how you have been obedient to God this week. And am so thrilled the exercises are helping God's love and wonder come to life for you, Stacey!