Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Wonderstruck – Week Four – The Wonder of Prayer

This week, we’re memorizing… Romans 12:12

I was wonderstruck this week by…the compassion of human beings.  I wasn’t feeling well, so I went to Quick Care hoping for a diagnosis that would explain my raw throat and aching ear.  While I was waiting, one of the triage nurses called me back to take vitals and hear my complaint when she noticed a miserable man hovering over a trash can in the waiting area.  She asked me to sit and wait while she brought this young man into the treatment area and made him more comfortable.  It may seem like a small thing, but it almost makes me cry as I type this out.

How have you noticed God’s nearness recently?  As we studied the prayers of Jesus this week, I was moved by Jesus’ confidence that the Father was right there and He was absolutely positive that His Abba heard His prayers.  I know my Abba is there even when it feels like He’s far away.  I know He hears me when I pray.  I know He hears my heart before my lips form the words.  He’s answered my prayers in ways that only He could call my attention to.  Before going to Quick Care this week, I had spent some time around several kids and hugged a few friends at church.  After I started to feel bad, I prayed that Jesus would protect these people from whatever I had.  He did this by making my affliction allergies!  Isn’t He wonderful?  J

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