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Homiletics Exodus 6:28-10:29

Contents (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture):  Where?                  Egypt   Who?  The Lord, Moses, Aaron, Pharaoh, magicians

It came to pass on day Lord spake to M: I the Lord, speak to Phar all I say; M: I of uncircumcised lips, how Phar hearken to me?
L to M: I made thee god to Phar, A thy prophet; thou speak, A speak to Phar, he send coI out; I harden Phar heart/multiply signs; Phar not hearken, that I bring forth mine armies, my people by great judgments; Egyptians know I the Lord.
M&A did as commanded; M=80yo, A=83yo when spake Pharaoh; L: when Phar say, shew miracle, say unto A, take rod/cast before Phar, it become serpent; M&A went, did as commanded; Phar called magicians, they cast rods/became serpents, A’s rod swallowed their rods; he hardened Phar heart, refuseth let people go.
In morning, Phar go unto water, stand by river’s brink rod in hand, say, Lord sent me – let people go, may serve me in wilderness, thou wouldest not hear; thou shalt know I the Lord, I smite waters, turned to blood; fish die, river stink, Egyptians loath to drink; L to M: say to A, take rod, stretch hand upon waters that they become blood; M&A did so; fish died, river stank, Egyptians not drink; magicians did so, Phar heart hardened as Lord said; Phar went into house; Egyptians digged for water; 7 days fulfilled.
L to M: Go Phar, say, let people go; if refuse, I smite w/frogs; river bring frogs, into thine house, bedchamber, upon bed, in house of servants, upon people, into ovens, kneadingtroughs; frogs come up on thee, people, servants; say to A: stretch rod over streams/rivers/ponds, cause frogs come; A stretched had, frogs came; magicians did so.
Phar called M&A:  Intreat Lord, take frogs, I let people go; M: when; Phar: tomorrow, that thou know none like our God; frogs depart, remain in river; M&A went, M cried to Lord; Lord did, frogs died; they gathered them, land stank; Pharaoh hardened heart as Lord said.
L to M: say to A, stretch out rod, smite dust, it become lice; they did so; magicians could not, said unto Phar: this the finger of God, Phar heart hardened, hearkened not them.
L to M: rise early, stand before Phar, say: let people go, if not I send swarms [of flies] upon thee, servants, people, into houses; I sever that day Goshen – no swarms there, thou know I the Lord, tomorrow; Lord did so; Phar called M&A: go sacrifice to God in land; M: shall we sacrifice abomination and they not stone us; we go 3 days into wilderness; Phar: go, only not far, intreat for me; M: I intreat swarms depart, not deal deceitfully; M went/intreated; Lord removed swarms; Phar hardened heart.
L to M: go Phar: let people go, if refuse, hand of Lord upon cattle, horses, asses, camels, oxen, sheep – very grievous murrain; Lord sever between cattle of Israel and Egypt, nothing die of Israel; tomorrow; Lord did, all cattle Egypt dies, cattle of Israel not one; heart of Phar hardened.
L to M&A: take ashes of furnace, M sprinkle toward heaven in sight of Phar; it small dust, shall be boil breaking forth upon man, beast; they took, sprinkled, it became boil; magicians could not stand before M because of boils; Lord hardened heart of Phar.
L to M: rise early, stand before Phar, say: let people go; I send all plagues upon thine heart, servants, people; thou know none like me; I stretch out hand, smite thee/people w/pestilence; for this I raised thee up to shew my power; exaltest thou against my people, not let them go; tomorrow I cause very grievous hail; now gather cattle, every man/beast in field hail come upon die; he that feared word of Lord made servants/cattle flee into houses; he that regarded not word of Lord left servants/cattle in field; L to M: stretch hand; M stretched hand, Lord rained fire mixed w/hail, smote man/beast/herb/tree; only in Goshen no hail.
Phar called M&A: I sinned, the Lord righteous, I & my people wicked, intreat Lord no more hail, I let you go; M: I spread my hands unto Lord, thunder cease; I know ye not yet fear Lord; flax/barley smitten; wheat/rie not smitten; M spread hands, thunders ceased; Phar hardened heart, not let Israel go.
L to M: go Phar, I hardened heart/hearts of servants the I shew signs; that thou may tell son and son’s son my signs, may know I am Lord; M&A to Phar: how long thou refuse humble thyself, let people go; if refuse, tomorrow, locusts, they cover earth, eat every tree, fill houses of Egyptians, he turned, went out.
Phar servants: how long this man be snare, let men go, knowest not Egypt destroyed; M&A brought to Phar, he say, go, who shall go; M: young, old, sons, daughters, flocks, herds; I let you go; not so, go ye men, they driven out Phar presence; L to M: stretch hand for locusts; Moses stretched forth rod, Lord brought east wind, east wind brought locusts; they covered earth, land darkened, eat every herb, all fruit.
Phar called M&A: I sinned, forgive, intreat God; he went, intreated; Lord turned west wind, took away locusts; Lord hardened Phar heart; L to M: stretch out hand, there be darkness, M stretched hand, darkness 3 days, coI had light; Phar called M: go, let flocks and herds stay, little ones go; M: thou must give sacrifices; cattle go with us; Lord hardened Phar heart; Phar: get thee from me, see my face no more, thou seest my face, die; M: I see thy face no more.


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture):

God’s pep talk for Moses.
The Lord instructs His people how to serve Him.
We should bring our questions and feelings of inadequacy to God.
God hardens hearts that He might show His power, majesty and signs that help us to know that He is the Lord.
Pharaoh’s magicians duplicate the miracles of turning rods to serpents, water to blood and frogs, but recognize the finger of God when they fail to bring lice.
God can use a willing servant of any age.
God’s power is mightier than magic.
Don’t give up on non-believers because those who oppose God may come to recognize Him.
Just because you come to recognize God doesn’t mean those around you will do so.
Those who used to rely on you may cease to do so when you discover the Lord while they haven’t.
Pharaoh’s heart remains hard as he witnesses God’s signs of swarms (of flies), murrain (cattle death), boils, hail, locusts and darkness even though God spared Israel from the murrain and darkness, and those who feared Him from the hail.
God has given ample warning of His coming wrath.
God responds to His people’s prayers.
The Lord spares His people from suffering as He chooses.
We may confess our sin, but God knows the true condition of our heart and its repentance.
True obedience to God requires humility and is crucial for our survival.
God raises up tyrannical leaders to show His power.
The Lord commands all creation – the elements and all living things – for His glory.
Just because God’s activity is evident doesn’t mean that all people will see it as coming from Him.
Our obedience to God will always glorify Him.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure):

Pharaoh’s heart remains hard after experiencing God’s first nine plagues.


Aim (Christian and Non-Christian):

TCMATK the importance of our obedience to God regardless of the circumstances, pressure or pain; and to seek His will and our obedience to His will above all things.



How has the Lord instructed you to serve Him?
In what way do you bring your questions and feelings of inadequacy to God?
What has been God’s response to your bringing your questions and feelings of inadequacy to Him?
When have you experienced God’s majesty as a result of a hard heart?
How have you witnessed God revealing Himself as Lord to the hard-hearted?
How have you witnessed God using people of all ages to serve Him?
How is God’s power mightier than magic?
When have you been tempted to give up on your witness to a non-believer and how might that affect you if that person comes to recognize Him as God?
What advice would you give to someone who is tempted to give up on their witness to a non-believer?
In what areas of your life are you the only Christian witness that people see?
How deliberate are you in your witness in the areas of your life where you are the only Christian people know?
When have you experienced a loss of confidence, respect or responsibility because of your faith?
What warning has God given you of His coming wrath?
How has God responded to your prayers?
In what way have you witnessed God sparing His people suffering?
How has God dealt with you when you’ve gone through the motions of confessing sin versus when you’ve been truly repentant in your confession?
How has humility aided in your obedience to God?
How might you explain to a new believer the importance of obedience to God?
How has God’s power been made evident in the circumstances of tyrannical leadership?
How has God’s command of His creation revealed His glory to you?
In what way have non-believers tried to “explain away” what you knew to be God’s activity and how did you respond?  How would you respond in the future?
How has your obedience to God glorified Him this week?


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