Monday, October 26, 2015

Armor of God – Week Seven – The Sword of the Spirit

To wrap up this study, this is what I learned from Video #7:

·         Standing firm is maintaining the posture I’ve been given in Christ (my identity).

·         The Sword of the Spirit is the Spirit’s weapon!  Not my weapon.

·         The word Paul uses for sword describes an 18” dagger that is quick to draw, needle sharp and for use in up-close hand-to-hand combat.

·         When Scripture is illumined, that is the Holy Spirit handing you the sword…even preparing you in advance for battle.

I pray you’re experiencing dramatic change in your own prayer lives.  I also pray you’re ready to mentor someone else like Miss Priscilla has mentored you for the last seven weeks.  I pray that God will bring that person into your life right now while you’re fresh from Boot Camp.  Maybe you’ve been mentoring someone the whole time you’ve been learning.  Use your armor and weapons well, my brothers and sisters!  May God bless you richly.

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