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A Bride At Last by Melissa Jagears

A Bride at Last 
by Melissa Jagears    
Historical Romance
Bethany House  

Abandoned by his mail-order bride, Silas Jonesey has fought an uphill battle to recover from a pattern of poor choices. Now his prayers for reconciliation have finally come true and his estranged wife has contacted him with her whereabouts.
Kate Dawson was supposed to be a mail-order bride, but upon realizing she'd been deceived about her intended groom, she's now settled into life as a schoolteacher. When the mother of a student passes away, Kate assumes she'll take on care of nine-year-old Anthony---until two men suddenly show up in town, claiming to be the boy's father.
Silas can see Anthony loves Kate, so he enlists her help in reaching out to the boy and attempting to prove his paternity to the court. When a common interest in Anthony leads to an interest in each other and Silas and Kate begin to think they can overcome their rocky start, neither is prepared for the secrets and past hurts that have yet to come to light. Can Silas, Kate, and Anthony's wounded souls bind them together or will all that stands between them leave them lonely forever?

Praise for A Bride at Last
An author who keeps you guessing about how the couple will get together until the very end, Melissa Jagears's writing contains her trademark wit and a fresh spin that turns everyday situations into extraordinary ones.
Naomi Rawlings, author of Falling for the Enemy

 Meet the Author
Much to her introverted self's delight, Melissa Jagears hardly needs to leave her home to be a homeschool teacher, day-care provider, church financial secretary, and historical romance novelist. She doesn't have to leave her house to be a housekeeper either, but she's doubtful she meets the minimum qualifications to claim to be one in her official bio. Her passion is to help Christian believers mature in their faith and judge rightly.

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Here is my review of this historical romance:

First, I would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to Melissa Jagears and her publisher for sending me a copy of "A Bride At Last" to review for them. I am truly grateful for this generosity. I really appreciate the time, effort and expense it takes to make a reviewer copy available to me.

'A Bride at Last' by Melissa Jagears starts as an emotionally charged work of fiction from the very first page which transports the reader back in time where life seemed very different than it is today.  Kate Dawson adores her student, Anthony, and has been caring for him during his mother’s illness.  Now that Lucy is gone, Kate is expecting Anthony’s father to arrive in town to take the boy and make a home for him.
Silas Jonesey shows up and puts Kate on edge as she confronts the fact that Anthony is going to live somewhere else, but when Richard also shows up and lays claim to the boy, Kate aligns herself with Silas even though Lucy had less than stellar things to say about both men.  Silas and Richard were both summoned by letters from Lucy, so they both believe they are the boy’s father.

This is a touching love story of a man, a woman and a child with lots of humor.  I laughed out loud as the story played out in my mind’s eye.  I was also choked up by the touching sentiments expressed in the building of a family.  But the story dragged in spots and there was more conflict than I usually like in a book I’m reading to be entertained.  Still, “A Bride At Last” contains valuable life lessons about love and forgiveness.  I do recommend it.

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