Monday, September 24, 2012

With Every Letter by Sarah Sundin

Here is my review of this wonderful novel:

First of all, I would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to Sarah Sundin and her publisher for sending me a copy of "With Every Letter" to review for them. I am truly grateful for this generosity. I really appreciate the time, effort and expense it takes to make a reviewer copy available to me.

Sandra Sundin’s “With Every Letter” is one of the best romances I’ve read in quite some time. Lieutenant Philomela “Mellie” Blake is a nurse who longs to serve patients onboard airplanes as they are being transported. She also longs for a real friend, but her ideas and her looks are unconventional and she simply rubs people the wrong way.

Lieutenant Tom MacKilliver is having a difficult time leading his men. Because of his name and association with a convicted murderer, his life has not been easy. He longs to be anonymous, and when he receives the opportunity to do just that, he jumps into the project fully.

It began as an idea to create a fun program after watching the film “The Little Shop Around the Corner” where servicemen and nurses would correspond anonymously and build friendships. Mellie and Tom weren’t looking for romance and neither of them ever dreamed that they would fall in love. Neither of them believes that someone could love them for their true selves. Their thinking couldn’t be further from the truth.

This beautiful historical romance is packed with action. The World War II era is so much a part of this novel that it is almost its own character. All of Sarah Sundin’s books are amazing. But I believe this is my favorite. Not only did it entertain and encourage, it reminded me that my source of leadership training is Jesus Christ, Himself. Thanks, Sarah.

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Sarah Sundin said...

Stacey - thank you so much for the lovely review. I'm glad you enjoyed Tom & Mellie's story!