Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Truth Project - Lesson Three – Anthropology: Who Is Man?

The Anthropology Tour didn’t begin where I expected it would. It eventually got there, though, and it turned out to be another great lesson that encouraged lots of thought. By the end of the class, our Pastor-Facilitator asked if we were experiencing information overload. And the answer is a resounding YES!

So, Dr. Tackett begins by writing the word “EVIL” on the chalkboard in his classroom. What is evil? Is it a bad feeling? Is it doing bad and feeling good about it? Is it creepy? Is it sin? Is it genocide? Here’s a second question: Where did EVIL come from? And a third question: Why is there evil in the world? If you exclude God, you’re left in a difficult position to answer these questions. This is why, when you ask these questions of the world, they come up empty.

The Biblical view of man is comprised of several states or modes. Creation brought about the first state: INNOCENT – we were created in God’s image. The Fall brought about state two: FALLEN – evil, dead, rebellious, lost, children of the devil, etc. Death during this state brings about: HELL. Repentance during this state finds us: REDEEMED – saints, children of God, a holy nation, priests. Death after redemption brings about something glorious.

Take a minute to read Galatians 5:16-17. According to these verses, there are two elements comprising REDEEMED man: the Spirit and the sinful nature. These two elements are in conflict with each other. The Cosmic Battle Within is a life challenge. Paul struggled with this and recorded his thoughts in the book of Romans (6:12; 7:15-25; 8:5-14).

The Battle over Anthropology is about who man is. That is the crux of this lesson. According to the Bible, we are flesh and Spirit. We are fallen. We have been redeemed. What is the lie? What is the counter-information is direct opposition to that truth?

According to the world, we are merely flesh based on scientific analysis. I was disturbed to learn that Haeckel’s Embryos (the drawings that have been in science textbooks for decades) were faked. The embryos were drawn to look similar in support of the theory of evolution. Another disturbing discovery was that there is no clinical evidence to support the reality of Abraham Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs”. The goal of the human being, according to this “theory” is self-actualization which is a fancy way of saying “doing what you want to do.” Cain engaged in self-actualization when he murdered his brother Abel and Abel’s blood called out to God from the earth. Imagine the cries of aborted babies and holocaust victims… Christianity is in direct opposition to self-actualization. The fruit of the Spirit includes self-control!

According to the world, man is basically good. WRONG! Where do you think evil comes from? “Scientists” say that sick people are made by a sick culture and that cultural influences are the major factor in our evil behaviors. So, who makes up the culture? How does the culture become what it is? Are we back to our Crisis of Ethics where majority rules? Absolutely!

See that no one takes you captive. Be like the Bereans and test all things against the Word of God.

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