Monday, September 03, 2012

Monday Prayer Helps: How to fit all of your prayers into your week

Here’s a prayer idea for all of you calendar keepers who also happen to love sticky notes. Recently I’ve combined my love of Post-Its with my DayTimer. I chose a subject of recurring prayer for my husband and wrote it on a Post-It Note, then attached it to my calendar. After I pray for my husband, I peel off the note and attach it to the same date on the following month of my calendar. I’ve selected a different prayer topic for each day of the month. I’ve also done the same for my kids.

There is so much that we need to pray for as Christians. We could literally pray without ceasing all day. You could write the names of people on Post-Its and attach them to your calendar as well. So there is a way to pray for your church leaders, government officials, children’s teachers, etc. Get creative. The possible applications for using this idea is limited only by your imagination. Here is my weekly schedule:

Monday – Bible Study Fellowship Leaders (I also pray for my classmates each day as I do homework)
Tuesday – My extended family
Wednesday – State and Federal Government representatives
Thursday – My workmates, supervisors, managers, company
Friday – Since my cancer treatment was scheduled on Fridays, I pray for my doctors, nurses, office staff, phlebotomists and the fitness professionals at my gym
Saturday – My Sunday School Teachers, their families and my classmates
Sunday – My Pastor and his family

I also pray for one continent each day.

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