Thursday, July 30, 2009

Everyday Art

Every morning on my way to work, I pass this fire station. The people inside are full of courage. They are strong and brave and ready to thrust their bodies into harm’s way to rescue another. Firefighters seem larger than life, but they are mere mortals. I used to bump into them all the time at the grocery store. I would take a few minutes to thank them for their service as I glanced at what they were buying for their evening meal. Firefighters eat well!

When I see their trucks parked outside of the store, I will pull a blank note card out of the stash I keep in my car and write a quick thank you and leave it by the driver’s door.

When I hear sirens, I say a quick prayer for the safety of the emergency personnel represented by the siren and the people they are rushing to help.

But seeing this fire station everyday has also shown me the heart of these individuals. They are creative and artistic. On the side of the fire house is a huge mural painted on the building. It’s vibrant colors are a cheerful greeting to my eyes each day. But the piece de resistance is a sculpture in front of the building (photo above). The eye-catching yellow of these twisting, turning noodles grabs the attention until the perfect position is reached for the observer to see the word “Art” written with fire hoses.

These are the people who protect us. These are the brave souls who not only sift through the ashes, but bring beauty to our lives.

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