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Bible Study: Taking A Stand - Daniel - Chapter 9

Happened around 539 BC – the same time frame as the writing on the wall. (Daniel – God’s Blueprint for Bible Prophecy - Kay Arthur) 539-538 BC. (NIV SB)

605 BC – 539 BC = 66 years – 4 years to go… Daniel prays. He knew the prophecies of Jeremiah 25:8-13; 29:1-14. Daniel is about 80 at this time. It’s rather interesting that Daniel recognized Jeremiah as a prophet since they were contemporaries. See 2 Peter 3:16 – Peter also recognized Paul.

The timeframes discussed in this chapter are for Israel, and based on the 360-day lunar year Jewish calendar! (Daniel – Beth Moore)

9:1 – This Darius is the same one mentioned in chapter 6. The Ahasuerus mentioned is NOT Esther’s husband. The events in Esther happened about 50 years later. (Life App SB)

With regard to Darius’ identity: “The wording could suggest an appointment. Many scholars believe Darius is another name for Ugbaru, the leader of the invasion into Belshazzar’s Babylon. Other scholars think Darius may be another name for Cyrus himself.” (Daniel – Beth Moore) (See Daniel 5:31 notes)

9:2 – Daniel poured over the scriptures. He studied. He was a man of the Word! (Daniel – Beth Moore) He was reading Jeremiah!

9:2-3 – Daniel was familiar with Jeremiah’s prophecy (Jeremiah 25:11, 12; 29:10) and therefore knew that his time in captivity was coming to an end. (Life App SB)

9:3 – “I turned to the Lord God” – literally means “I gave my face to the Lord God”. Daniel was confident in his relationship with God, so he didn’t hide from Him in shame (as the enemy wants us all to do). Instead, he lifted his face to God in prayer! (Daniel – Beth Moore)

9:19 – Daniel’s prayer was interrupted. (Daniel – Beth Moore) I wonder what else he might have said…

9:21 – Gabriel showed up while Daniel was still praying. WOW! (Daniel – Beth Moore) See Isaiah 65:24.

Daniel recognized Gabriel from his vision in chapter 8. (Daniel – Beth Moore)

About the time of the evening sacrifice – these sacrifices weren’t happening in Babylon. “In terms of meeting requirements of the law, the conditions were unfavorable for a good hearing from God.” (Daniel – Beth Moore) This makes Gabriel’s response to Daniel so much more special.

See Psalm 141:1-2 – David offered prayer in place of incense and lifted hands for the evening sacrifice. (Daniel – Beth Moore) These two verses were an appeal for God to hear his prayer. (NIVSB)

Gabriel was also the angel who brought news of Jesus’ birth to Mary… (Daniel – Beth Moore)

9:23 – as soon as Daniel began to pray, an answer was given. See Isaiah 65:24. Pray = speak. God only waited for Daniel to open his mouth. See Psalm 81:10.

9:24-25 – each day of these 70 weeks might represent one year! Jesus said that we should forgive 70 times 7 times in Matthew 18:22, meaning that we should offer an abundance of forgiveness. (Life App SB) So, this alludes to an abundance of time.

A “seven” or “week” could be a 7-year period. (NIV SB) These are 2 different Hebrew words: Shavuot (seven) and Shavuim (week). The word in the text is Shavuot. (Daniel – Beth Moore)

Decreed – hatak – only occurrence in OT. Used in later Hebrew and Aramaic to mean “cut, cut off, decide.” God had “cut out” 490 years (70 sevens) from history for a specific purpose. (Daniel – Beth Moore)

9:25 – restore and rebuild Jerusalem – see Nehemiah 2:1-9. The decree was issued in the month of Nisan 444 BC. (March 5, 444 BC) (Daniel – Beth Moore)

with streets and a trench - this verse explains that Jerusalem will be rebuilt as a fully functioning city. (Life App SB)

9:25-27 – the block of time God cut out is in three sections: seven sevens, sixty-two sevens and one seven. (Daniel – Beth Moore) Notice that there is a gap between the 62 sevens and 1 seven – both the 7 sevens and 62 sevens are recorded in verse 25 and the 1 seven is by itself in verse 27. God is so incredible!

9:26 – “cut off” executing the death penalty. Points to Christ’s crucifixion. (Daniel – Beth Moore)

“will have nothing” – not acknowledged as Messiah by the nation of Israel. see John 1:11.

This gap alludes to the church age. See John 1:12. Also see note on 9:25-27 above – God even placed a gap in scripture when discussing the sevens!

9:26-27 – there are three basic views on the numbers, times and events of these verses:

1. the prophecy was fulfilled at the desecration of the temple by Antiochus IV Epiphanes in 168-167 BC (11:31).
2. it was fulfilled at the destruction of the temple by the Roman general Titus in AD 70 when one million Jews were killed.
3. it is still to be fulfilled by the antichrist (Matthew 24:15).

483 years (seven sevens and sixty-two sevens) after the decree in Nehemiah 2:1-9 = March 30, AD 33 = Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem. See Luke 19:28-42. WOW!!!!! (Daniel – Beth Moore)

9:27 – the final block of one seven begins with a covenant of peace. (Daniel – Beth Moore)

Rebuilding of Jerusalem
Nehemiah 2:1-9 Coming of the Anointed One Who will be cut off
Luke 19:28-42 Tribulation Great Tribulation
Seven Sevens Sixty-two Sevens The Church Age (John 1:11-12) One Seven 1000-Year Reign Eternal Kingdom
March 5, 444 BC
??? March 30, AD 33
Begins with covenant of peace Hallelujah!

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