Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Book Review: Daring Chloe by Laura Jensen Walker

Happy Bastille Day! Yes, today is the anniversaire of the storming of the Bastille Prison during the French Revolution. And here is a wonderful book by a wonderful author for all of you Christian Francophiles:

Laura Jensen Walker has captured my heart once again with her latest novel, "Daring Chloe". Jilted mere hours before her wedding - and by text message, no less - mild-mannered and adventure-less Chloe finally begins to really live with the help of her book group. Each gal in this eclectic mix of ladies takes a turn choosing a book for the club to read and discuss. And they add a little twist to liven things up after Chloe's misfortune: the woman who selected the book must come up with an outing for the group based on that novel.

This book was exciting and creative and it made me want to re-read several classic (and some soon-to-be-classic) works! This book also made me long for the friendship of other women who love books and would be willing to participate in some of the adventures these characters experienced. This would be a terrific book club pick!

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