Tuesday, March 24, 2009

REVIEW: Beloved Captive by Kathleen Y'Barbo

Kathleen Y’Barbo has penned another entertaining seafaring adventure with her novel “Beloved Captive”. In this sequel to “Beloved Castaway”, the story of Isabelle’s sister, Emilie, is told. From her trip to visit her father in the hopes of procuring a donation to keep her school in Fairweather Key open, to her adventurous trip on the high seas including being captured by pirates and meeting her one true love, this lively tale in truly enjoyable. This novel can easily be read as a standalone story, but it would be more enjoyable if you’ve already read “Beloved Castaway” and are familiar with this cast of characters.

“Beloved Captive” has moments where it is a bit far-fetched as well as other moments that are very predictable. But these elements do not detract from the story if you are able to simply take the book as an entertaining read. I found myself glad that I was correct about my assumptions of where certain twists and turns were headed. I will recommend this book and look for future projects by this author.

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