Sunday, March 22, 2009

I wonder…

…in the upcoming time of persecution, how will new Christians know who is friend and who is foe? The penalties during the time of tribulation will be torture or death or something unimaginably worse. It will be imperative to reveal your faith only to those who share it. And, I imagine that the enemy will be lurking behind every corner.

People will not be able to rely on what they believed they knew of each other before the catastrophic turn of events that brings us closer to Judgment Day. Just like at the end of “The Sound Of Music” when the Von Trapps were hiding in the graveyard and Liesl’s beau, Rolfe, now a Nazi soldier, gave away their hiding place, Christians in the end times will need to be discerning and very careful.

Will there be secret meetings and handshakes and symbols drawn in the sand like in the days when Christianity was just dawning? Will there be safe houses like in the days of the Underground Railroad? Will brand new Christians be able to watch others and observe their fruit to see whose heart is truly good and whose is truly evil regardless of the roles these people are playing? Only the Lord knows what will be happening in those days. But you may be assured that He loves those who choose Him at that time. Sadly, the consequence of making that choice so late is having to endure the time of tribulation which will involve suffering and death for many.
Just as Joshua says, “Be strong and very courageous…” And know that right now, in March of 2009, I am praying for those of those who will be left behind.

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