Monday, November 09, 2015

My Identity in Christ #2 - I have peace with God

Now that my Bible Study group has finished Priscilla Shirer’s Armor of God study, I need to keep moving in the right direction and I’m not ready to pick up another Bible study because I haven’t applied all I want to apply to my life from this study, yet.  Also, my prayer request lately has been that I would live like I believe God’s promises and how much He loves me.  So, I am beginning a series of blog posts taken from the list Priscilla included in her 6th week of Bible study regarding our identity and inheritance in Christ.  I pray these reflections will open your eyes to how much God loves you.  Read them as if you wrote them.  Meditate on them.  God bless you.

I have peace with God - My Identity in Christ

Romans 5:1 teaches me that I have peace with God.  This is huge!  To appreciate just how huge, I must understand what peace is.  So, I looked up the definition in the Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary.  The word peace comes from the Latin meaning “to appease”.  Peace is a state of quiet or tranquility.  Peace is associated with freedom from disturbance, agitation, war, internal commotion, quarrels, fear, anger, anxiety and so much more.  Peace is heavenly rest, harmony, reconciliation, tranquility and security.

While I was still His enemy, Christ died for me to give me that peace with God.  His blood reconciled me to my Heavenly Father.  I am not His enemy anymore.  We are on the same side and He has won the war, so I’ve moved from the losing team to the victors!  Also, while I was His enemy, God WANTED me on His team!  While my back was turned to Him, He longed for me to choose Him.  I have peace with God.  His wrath against me is appeased.  I am at rest in His arms.  He is my security in the midst of the storms of life.

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