Monday, November 02, 2015

My Identity in Christ #1 - I am a child of God

Now that my Bible Study group has finished Priscilla Shirer’s Armor of God study, I need to keep moving in the right direction and I’m not ready to pick up another Bible study because I haven’t applied all I want to apply to my life from this study, yet.  Also, my prayer request lately has been that I would live like I believe God’s promises and how much He loves me.  So, I am beginning a series of blog posts taken from the list Priscilla included in her 6th week of Bible study regarding our identity and inheritance in Christ.  I pray these reflections will open your eyes to how much God loves you.  Read them as if you wrote them.  Meditate on them.  God bless you.

I am a child of God - My Identity in Christ

John 1:12 says I am a child of God.  He planned me.  He formed me.  He was excitedly and expectantly waiting for me to be born.  I’m sure He passed out delectable chocolate cigars when I finally arrived – right on time!  Each time I complete one of those good works that He prepared for me to do before I was born, He tacks it on His refrigerator door for the whole family to admire.  He keeps my picture in His wallet and shows it to every angel that flies by.  He holds me when I’m sad.  He encourages me when I’m afraid.  He heals my brokenness.  He makes me smile and laugh.  He’s in the front row cheering me on at every event.  He celebrates with me.  He mourns with me.  He’s my Daddy.   He loves me more than I will ever realize.

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