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Homiletics Matthew 26:47-27:31

written 9 April 2014

Contents (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture):  Where?                  Jerusalem         Who?  Jesus, Judas, multitudes, Chief Priests, elders, Disciples, Caiaphas, Peter, servants, council, false witnesses, Pontius Pilate, his wife, the people, Barabbas, soldiers

While He spake, Judas came w/great multitude w/swords & staves; he gave them sign: whom I kiss is He; he came to J: Hail, Master, kissed Him; J: Friend, wherefore are thou come, they laid hands on J and took Him.
One with J drew sword, struck servant of high priest/smote his ear; J:  put up sword, all that take sword perish w/sword; thinkest I cannot pray to Father and He give me legions of angels; how then scriptures fulfilled?
Same hour, J to mult: are ye come w/swords & staves, I daily teaching in temple, ye laid no hold on me; this done that scriptures fulfilled, disciples fled; J led to Caiaphas, where scribes and elders assembled; Peter followed/went in/sat with servants to see end.
CPs/elders/council sought false witness to put Him to death; found none, many came yet found they none, at last came 2: this fellow said able to destroy temple of God & build in 3 days.
HP: answerest nothing; J held peace, HP: tell us whether thou be Christ, Son of God; J: thou hast said, hereafter ye see Son of man sitting on right hand of power and coming in clouds of heaven; HP rent clothes, what need of witnesses, ye heard blasphemy; what think ye, they: He guilty of death; they spit in face, buffeted Him, others smote Him: prophesy, who smote thee.
Damsel to P: thou with Jesus; he denied; another: this fellow was with Jesus; again he denied with oath; they that stood by: thou art one of them, thy speech betray thee; he curse/swear: I know not the man, immed. cock crew; P remembered – before cock crow thou deny me thrice, he went out/wept bitterly.
Morning, CP/elders took counsel to put J to death; bound Him/delivered to Pilate, governor.
Judas, which betrayed, saw He condemned, repented himself/brought silver to CP/elders: I have sinned, betrayed innocent blood, they: what to us; he cast silver in temple, departed, hanged himself.
CP took silver: not lawful put in treasury (price of blood); bought potter’s field to bury strangers; called field of blood; fulfilled Jeremy the prophet: they took 30 pieces silver for potter’s field as Lord appointed.
J before gov: art thou King of Jews, J: thou sayest; when accused of CPs/elders, He answered nothing; Pilate: hearest how many things they witness; He answered never a word, gov. marveled
At feast, gov. release prisoner, notable prisoner – Barabbas; Pilate: whom I release – Barabbas or Jesus; he knew for envy they delivered Him; wife: have nothing to do with that just man, I have suffered in a dream bec. of Him.
CPs/elders persuaded mult. Ask Barabbas, destroy J; Gov: whether of twain I release, they: Barabbas; Pilate: what I do w/J, they: let Him be crucified; Gov: why, what evil He done, they: let Him be crucified.
Pilate saw he could prevail nothing, took water, washed hands: I am innocent of blood of this just person; they: let blood be on us and children; released Barabbas, scourged J, delivered to be crucified.
Soldiers took J to common hall, gathered whole band; stripped Him, put on scarlet robe, platted crown of thorns, put on His head, reed in His rt hand, they bowed/mocked: Hail King of Jews; spit, took reed/smote Him on head, after they mocked, took robe, put his raiment on Him, led Him to crucify.


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture):

 Arrest, Trial and Peter’s Denial
It’s easy to do the wrong thing when you have a bunch of wrongdoers backing you up.
A kiss should not accompany betrayal.
The Lord guides us in His way, leading to fulfillment of Scripture.
Jesus’ arrest came at the precise moment for Scripture fulfillment – it takes time to organize bad company.
Even the most dedicated will flee in a moment of fear.
False witnesses must be sought to condemn Christ because a true witness can only glorify Him!
Brokenness and remorse when you’ve done wrong is the first step in restoration (or not, in Judas’ case).
Jesus to Pilate, Judas Returns the Silver
Brokenness and remorse when you’ve done wrong can be the final step toward damnation (as in Judas’ case), if you don’t seek restoration from the Savior.
Jesus Before Pilate
Sometimes silence is the most impressive sound.
When trying to thwart a bad situation, a ridiculous choice can be a solution.
When tactics to control an outcome fail, the only thing to do is wash your hands and let God’s will be done.
Sometimes God uses dreams to reveal truth.
Jesus suffered unspeakable things because of His extreme love for us.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure):

Jesus is arrested, tried, denied, scourged, mocked and sent for crucifixion.


Aim (Christian and Non-Christian):

TCMAT know the deep love that Jesus Christ, the Savior, has for us, leading them to point where they face a decision serve Him or deepen an existing relationship with Him.



What tactics might you use to avoid siding with a group of people pursuing wrongdoing?
When have you experienced betrayal at the hands of a loved one and how has that changed your behavior toward others?
How does the Lord guide you in His way?
In what way have you experienced God’s perfect timing?
How do you decide when to flee and when to fight?
What have you done recently to be a true witness and glorify Christ?
How would you counsel a loved one when they experience brokenness and remorse over their sin?
How would you direct a loved one to seek restoration with the Savior?
How do you go about seeking restoration to the Savior?
When have you experienced the Holy Spirit directing you to speak or not speak?  What were the circumstances?  Was your flesh fighting to do the opposite?  How did you know it was the Holy Spirit directing you?
What tactics do you use to avoid bad situations?
What can you learn from Pontius Pilate about conflict resolution?
What do you do when your attempts to control a situation do not work as you’ve planned?
What suffering did Jesus experience on your behalf?
How does His suffering make Him even dearer to you than He is?
How extreme must Jesus’ love be for us to endure this suffering?
How extreme must the Father’s love be for us to watch His only Son endure this suffering?
What would your thoughts be as a parent watching their only child suffer in this way?


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