Monday, November 30, 2015

Every Girl Gets Confused by Janice Thompson

Every Girl Gets Confused

by Janice Thompson

How can she choose between the love she thought she lost and the love she stumbled upon in the aftermath?

 Katie Fisher and Brady James may be a match made in heaven, but that doesn't seem to guarantee them a happily ever after accompanied by angelic choirs. Katie's almost-fiancĂ© Casey is back in Fairfield, ready to rekindle their relationship. And there's nothing Katie's parents want more than for their small-town girl to leave Dallas and come home for good.

 But can she really leave Brady behind? And will she ever be able to wear that gorgeous wedding dress she won?

 "Every Girl Gets Confused is romantic comedy at its best. A sweet romance. A wonderful band of supporting family and friends. And enough humor to keep me smiling on each page. I highly recommend it!"--Cara Putman, award-winning author of Shadowed by Grace and Where Treetops Glisten

 "A delightful mix of romance, inspiration, and humor, woven together with Thompson's trademark Texas storytelling and a happily-ever-after ending that will make you want to swoon."--Judy Christie, author of Wreath, A Girl in the Wreath Willis series

 "Janice Thompson tosses her readers into a humorous whirl of romantic possibilities with characters I swear I've met in small-town Texas. Fun!"--Julianna Deering, author of the Drew Farthering Mystery series

Janice Thompson is a seasoned romance author and screenwriter. An expert at pulling the humor from the situations we get ourselves into, Thompson offers an inside look at the wedding business, drawing on her own experiences as a wedding planner. She is the author of the hugely popular Weddings by Bella series, the Backstage Pass series, and the Weddings by Design series, as well as


Here's my review of this enjoyable read:
First, I would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you” to Janice Thompson and her publisher for sending me a copy of "Every Girl Gets Confused" to review for them. I am truly grateful for this generosity. I really appreciate the time, effort and expense it takes to make a reviewer copy available to me.
“Every Girl Gets Confused” by Janice Thompson is another wonderful read from a very gifted and witty storyteller!  Katie Fisher, the small town girl who won the Loretta Lynn wedding dress in the last novel (Every Bride Needs A Groom), is our leading lady stuck in a love triangle with professional basketball player, Brady James and her ex-boyfriend, Casey.  Katie must decide who she really loves in this book loaded with romance and real-world decision-making.
Personally, I thought the decision Katie had to make was a no-brainer even before I opened the book.  But I’m glad I read this story.  Janice Thompson’s writing always makes me laugh and think and gives my imagination some vivid images to consider.  This is an enjoyable book that I’m proud to add to my collection.

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