Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The 7 Experiment by Jen Hatmaker – Week 7


This week’s group meeting was the most liberating time.  Several of us admitted that we are very frustrated with not being able to accomplish what we would like to in the one-week allotted time for each topic.  One of our participants suggested taking baby steps.  Change one thing.  Then change another thing.  Then another.  We don’t have to accomplish everything at once.  In fact, I don’t believe we CAN.  Hallellujah!  Jen Hatmaker took a month to do each of these things.  Habits can develop in a month, but generally not in a week.  Keep striving, sisters and brothers!

Now onto the subject of spending…  I didn’t engage in a fast.  In fact, I am trying to get other areas under control, so I’m spending more right now to get my garden in shape for summer.  The majority of my income is spent on mortgage, car payment, monthly bills like power, water, etc. and debt.  I don’t eat out much.  Usually once a month with my Sunday School class.  Not only can’t I afford to eat where I want, I find that I usually prepare what I want to eat as well as if not better than the restaurant.

I used to be an avid moviegoer, but no more.  My husband doesn’t really like the movie theater experience.  So, I borrow them from the library or watch them on Netflix.  Sometimes we’ll go to the drive-in, but that’s pretty rare.  Every now and then, I’ll go see something in the theater with my daughter or by myself.

There was no shock related to my bank accounts or expenditures.  I balance my accounts online at least once a month, so I usually know precisely where I stand.  I don’t use my debit card for purchases – I think that’s where lots of people get into trouble.

My tithing and giving could definitely be better.  We have a couple of organizations we support regularly and my tithe is the first bit of money I set aside every week.  I would like my giving to be more, though.

I have no idea what to choose as a battle strategy for this week.  I want to do the most damage for the kingdom of God that I can!  How can I do that with spending.  I suppose I have to give to the right causes.  But which ones?  There are so many that are beneficial and need help.  I guess that’s something I need to be praying about.

My take away from this week was that I was raised right by my Italian Grandmother!  You don’t need to go out and spend to be social.  Just put on a pot of coffee or tea and serve some pastries and sit in the kitchen or dining room and talk.  Or visit while you play cards or a board game.

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