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Homiletics - Numbers 1-10

Contents (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture):  Where?                  Sinai Desert      Who? Lord, Moses, Aaron, Israelites

LtoM in ToM, Desert of Sinai, on 1st d of 2nd m of 2nd y after Is came out of E: take census by clans/families listing every man 20 y.o. or more, able to serve in army; 1 man from ea tribe (head of fam) help: from Reuben, Elizur (son of Shedeur); Simeon, Shelumiel (Zurishaddai); Judah, Nashon (Amminadab); Issachar, Nethanel (Zuar); Zebulun, Eliab (Helon); Joseph – Ephraim, Elishama (Ammihud), - Manasseh, Gamaliel (Pedahzur); Benjamin, Abidan (Gideoni); Dan, Ahiezer (Ammishaddai); Asher, Pagiel (Okran); Gad, Eliasaph (Deuel); Naphtali, Ahira (Enan); people registered as LcmdM.
From Reuben 46,500; Simeon 59,300; Gad 45,650; Judah 74,600; Issachar 54,400; Zebulun 57,400; Joseph – Ephraim 40,500; Manasseh 32,200; Benjamin 35,400; Dan 62,700; Asher 41,500; Naphtali 53,400; total 603,550; Levites not counted; in charge of tabernacle, take down, set up; Is set up tents by divisions under their standard; Levites set up around tabernacle; Is did as LcmdM.
LtoM&A Is camp around ToM under their standard; E – Judah, leader Nashon (son of Amminadab) 74,600; Issachar next, Nethanel (Zuar) 54,400; Zebulun next, Eliab (Helon) 57,400; Judah 186,400 set out 1st; S – Reuben, Elizur (Shedeur) 46,500; Simeon next, Shelumiel (Zurishaddai) 59,300; Gad next, Eliasaph (Deuel) 45,650; Reuben 151,450 set out 2nd; ToM & Levites set out in middle of camps; W – Ephraim, Elishama (Ammihud) 40,500; Manasseh, Gamaliel (Pedahzur) 32,200; Benjamin, Abidan (Gideoni) 35,400; Ephraim 108,100 set out 3rd; N – Dan, Ahiezer (Ammishaddai) 62,700; Asher, Pagiel (Okran) 41,500; Naphtali, Ahira (Enan) 53,400; Dan 157,600 set out last; Is did everything LcmdM.
Fam of A&M @ time L spoke @ Mt. Sinai; sons A, Nadab, Abihu, Eleazar, Ithamar, priests; Nadab & Abihu died, had no sons; LtoM, tribe of Levi to A to perform duties @ ToM; A & sons priests anyone else approaches sanctuary put to death; LtoM: I taken Levites in place of firstborn; count Levites m 1 mo old or more; sons of Levi: Gershon, Kohath, Merari; Gershonites: Libni, Shimei; Kohathites: Amram, Izhar, Hebron, Uzziel; Merarites: Mahli, Mushi; Gershonite 7,500 camp W behind tabernacle, leader Eliasaph (Lael), care of tabernacle, tent, coverings, curtains and ropes; Kohathite 8,600 camp S Elizaphan (Uzziel), care of ark, table, lampstand, altars, articles, curtain; chief leader of Levites = Eleazar; Merarite 6,200 Zuriel (Abihail) camp N, care frames of tabernacle, crossbars, posts, bases, posts of courtyd, bases, tent pegs, ropes; M&A&sons camp E; total Levites 22,000; LtoM count firstborn Is m 1 mo old or more, total 22,273; take Levites in place of firstborn, to redeem 273 who exceed # of Levites collect 5 shekels (weighs 20 gerahs), give $ to A&sons; M collected 1,365 shekels gave to A&sons.
LtoM&A: census Kohathite m 30-50 who serve @ ToM; when camp move A&sons take down shielding curtain put over ark, cover curtain w/durable leather, spread cloth of solid blue over that & put poles in place; over table spread blue cloth put on it plates, dishes, bowls, jars, bread remain on it, spread scarlet cloth over them, cover w/durable leather & put poles in place; take blue cloth cover lampstand, lamps, wick trimmers, trays, jars of olive oil, wrap in durable leather, put on carrying frame; over gold altar spread blue cloth, cover w/durable leather, put poles in place; all articles for ministering in sanctuary wrap in blue cloth, cover w/durable leather, put on carrying frame; rem ashes from bronze altar spread purple cloth over, place on it all utensils – firepans, meat forks, shovels, sprinkling bowls, cover w/durable leather, put poles in place; after finished covering holy articles and camp ready to move, Kohathites do carrying, must not touch holy things; Eleazar have charge of oil for light, incense, grain offering, anointing oil, in charge of tabernacle and everything in it; LtoM&A: see Kohathite clans not destroyed when they come near holy things, A&sons assign each man what to carry.
LtoM: census Gershonite m 30-50 who serve @ ToM; they carry curtains of tabernacle (ToM), outer covering of durable leather, curtains for entrance, courtyard, ropes, all equip used in service of tent; service done under dir of A&sons, Ithamar; count Merarite m 30-50 who serve @ToM, they carry frames of tabernacle, crossbars, posts, bases, posts of courtyard, bases, tent pegs, ropes, equip, assign ea man things to carry, under direction of Ithamar; Kohathites 2,750, Gershonites 2,630, Merarites 3,200; all 8,580 counted as Lcmd.
LtoM: cmd Is send away anyone w/defiling skin disease or discharge or ceremonially unclean bec of dead body so they not defile camp; Is sent them; LtoM: any m or w who wrongs another is unfaithful to L is guilty, must confess sin, make full restitution add 1/5; if no close relative for restitution, belongs to L, given to priest w/ram for atonement.
LtoM: to Is – if wife unfaithful, impurity udetected (no witness, not caught in act), if husband suspects, he take wife to priest also offering of 1/10 ephah barley flour, no olive oil or incense on it; priest bring her before L, take holy water in clay jar put in dust from tabernacle floor, he loosen her hair, place reminder offering in her hands, he holds bitter water, put her under oath, write this on scroll, wash into water, woman drink, priest take offering, wave, take handful, burn, after that, woman drink; if she unfaithful, abdomen will swell, womb miscarry, she become curse, if she clean, she able to have children; husband innocent of wrongdoing, she bear consequences.
LtoM: to Is – if m or w make vow as Nazirite, they abstain from wine, fermented drink, vinegar from wine, grape juice, grapes, raisins; during vow, no razor used on head; must not go near dead body even if mother, father, brother or sister dies; they consecrated; if someone dies suddenly in their presence thus defiling hair, shave head on 7th day, on 8th day bring 2 doves or young pigeons to priest; priest offer 1 as sin offering other as burnt offering, make atonement, same day, they consecrate head again; must rededicate themselves, bring y.o. m lamb – guilt offering, previous days don’t count; when period of dedication over, they brought to entrance ToM, they present y.o. m lamb w/o defect – burnt offering, y.o. ewe w/o defect – sin offering, ram w/o defect – fellowship off, grain off, drink off, basket of bread of finest flour w/o yeast; priest present before L, basket of bread, ram, grain off, drink off, at entrance ToM, Nazirite shave hair put in fire of fellowship off; priest place in their hands boiled shoulder of ram and 1 thick and 1 thin loaf from basket, priest wave, they belong to priest; LtoM: tell A&sons bless Is: “The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace”; so I put my name on Is and bless them.
M finished setting up taber, anointed/consecrated it & furnishings, altar & utensils; leaders made offerings: 6 covered carts, 12 oxen (1 ox ea, 1 cart/2); LtoM: accept them, give to Levites; he gave 2 carts & 4 oxen to Gershonites, 4 carts & 8 oxen to Merarites, none to Kohathites – they to carry on shoulders; when altar anointed, leaders brought offerings, L said: ea day 1 leader bring offering for dedication of altar; 1st day Nahshon (Amminadab) of Judah – 1 silver plate (130 shekels), 1 silver sprinkling bowl (70 shekels) both filled w/finest flour w/olive oil, 1 gold dish (10 shekels) filled w/incense, 1 young bull, 1 ram, 1 male lamb 1 y.o. – burnt off, 1 m goat – sin off, 2 oxen, 5 rams, 5 m goats, 5 m lambs 1 y.o. – fellowship off; 2nd day Nethanel (Zuar) of Issachar – (brought same); 3rd day Eliab (Helon) of Zebulun – (brought same); 4th day Elizur (Shedeur) of Reuben – (brought same); 5th day Shelumiel (Zurishaddai) of Simeon – (brought same); 6th day Eliasaph (Deuel) of Gad – (brought same); 7th day Elishama (Ammihud) of Ephraim – (brought same); 8th day Gamaliel (Pedahzur) of Manasseh – (brought same); 9th day Abidan (Gideoni) of Benjamin – (brought same); 10th day Ahiezer (Ammishaddai) of Dan – (brought same); 11th day Pagiel (Okran) of Asher – (brought same); 12th day Ahira (Enan) of Naphtali – (brought same).
These were offerings of leaders: 12 silver plates, 12 silver sprinkling bowls, 12 gold dishes; silver dishes weighed 2400 shekels; gold dishes weighed 120 shekels; total animals burnt off -  12 young bulls, 12 rams, 12 m lambs 1 y.o., grain off; 12 m goats – sin off; total animals fellowship off – 24 oxen, 60 rams, 60 m goats, 60 m lambs 1 y.o.; when M entered ToM to speak w/L, he heard voice from between cherubim above atonemt cvr.
LtoM: to A – when set up lamps, see all 7 light up area, A set lamps faced fwd; lampstand made of hammered gold base to blossoms; LtoM: take Levites make ceremonially clean, sprinkle water on them, have them shave bodies, wash clothes, take young bull w/grain off (finest flour/olive oil), 2nd bull sin off; bring Levites to front of ToM assemble Is (to lay hands on them), A present Levites as wave off, Levites lay hands on bulls – 1 sin, 1 burnt off; after, they come do work at ToM, I take Levites in place of all firstborn, I give Levites as gifts to A, they did a LcmdM; LtoM: Levites, m 25 y.o. or more work at ToM, at 50, retire, may assist brothers but must do no work.
LtoM, 1st mo 2nd y after Egypt: celebrate Passover at appt time, twilight 14th of this mo; M told Is & they did; some couldn’t celebrate, ceremonially unclean dead body, M answer: I find out what L cmd; LtoM: when unclean from dead body or on journey, still celebrate, but on 14th of 2nd mo at twilight, eat lamb, unleavened bread, bitter herbs, must not leave any till AM or break bones; if anyone fails to celebrate, cut off from people; foreigner among you also celebrate; on day tabern set up, cloud covered, eve till morn cloud looked like fire; when cloud lift, Is set out; when cloud settle, Is encamped; sometimes cloud over tabern a few days, sometimes only eve till morn; day or night when cloud lifted, they set out.
LtoM: make 2 trumpets, hammered silver, for calling comm. together & having camps set out; when both sounded whole comm. assemble before entr ToM; only 1 sounded, leaders assemble; when trumpet blast tribes E set out; @ 2nd blast camps S set out, blast=signal for setting out; priests blow trumpets lasting ord; when battle in your land, sound blast, you remembered by L & rescued; @ times of rejoicing, sound trumpets over burnt & fellowship off; on 20th of 2nd mo of 2nd y cloud lifted, Is set out from Des of Sinai to Des of Paran; Judah 1st under std Nahshon in cmd, Nethanel over Issachar, Eliab over Zebulun; then taber taken down, Gershonites & Merarites carried it/set out; Reuben next under std Elizur in cmd, Shelumiel over Simeon, Eliaseph over Dan; then Kohathites carrying holy things, taber to be st up before they arrived; Ephraim next under std Elishama in cmd, Gamaliel over Manasseh, Abidan over Benjamin; Finally Dan under std Abiezar in cmd, Pagiel over Asher, Ahira over Naphtali, order of March; Mto Hobab, son of Reuel, Midianite, M f-i-l: we set out, come; He: no, I go my own land; M: pls, you know where camp, can be eyes, we share good things L gives; they set out from Mt, traveled 3 days, ark went before them, cloud of L over them; when ark set out, M: “Rise up, L!  May enemies be scattered/foes flee”, when rest M: “Return, L to countless 1000s of Is.”


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture):

Census, Divisions and Camps
Levites and Priestly Ministry
Impurities and Vows
Offerings, Marching Order, Setting Out


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure):

God commands a census, creating camps and a marching order.


Aim (Christian and Non-Christian):




What was the purpose of the census?
Which tribe wasn’t counted and why?
What does this teach you about the role of prayer in battle?
What might be the purpose in recording the leaders names and their fathers’ names?
Why do you think the camps were divided this way?
What might the camp look like from the air?
Who were the first priests of Israel?
What was the exclusive responsibility of the priest and what happens to those who try to perform the priest’s duties?
What is significant about the relationship between God and the firstborn?
Why do you think the Levite census counted males 1 month old and up?
Diagram the hierarchy of the Levites.
What specific duties did each Levite group perform?
What might Aaron and sons have done with the tribute money?
Describe the process of the tabernacle breakdown.
Where else in Scripture are Levite groups mentioned and in what context?  How do those passages shed light on these verses?
If you had to summarize Number 5:1-10 in one sentence, what would it be?
What does Numbers 5:11-31 teach you about how God feels about marriage?
What other references in Scripture can you fin d regarding the Nazirite vow?
Write your own version of the blessing spoken to Israel at the end of Numbers 6.
What did each tribe bring as an offering fo the tabernacle?
How were the Kohathites told to transport the tabernacle furnishings?
Can you find an example in Scripture where this instruction was disobeyed?  What were the results?
For what might the offerings mentioned in Numbers 7:84-89 be used?
What were the benefits of setting up the lamps as specified in Numbers 8?
What might have been the duties performed by Levites 1mo old-25 years old before entering the priesthood?
What might retired Levites over 50 years old do to assist the priests?
What is the possible significance in the differences in the Passover celebrations for the clean and the unclean?
If you were part of the Israelite community, how might you feel about camping for a few days?  Evening until morning?  What might be the pros and cons of these time frames?
What were the trumpet signals?
What references to trumpets can you find in Scripture?
Who was Hobab and how might he have come to be in the Israelite camp?
What are the pros and cons of Hobab accompanying Israel?
Write a prayer to God expressing your desire for His leadership in your life.


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