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Homiletics: Leviticus 8-10

Contents (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture):  Where?                                                                Who?

LtoM: Bring A/sons/their garments/anointing oil/bull for sin offering/2 rams/basket bread w/o yeast; gather assy @ entrance ToM; M did.
M: This what L cmd; M brought A/sons, washed them w/water, tunic on A, tied sash, clothed w/robe, fastened ephod w/waistband; placed breastpiece on him and Urim & Thummim; placed turban and sacred emblem as L cmd M.
M anointed tabernacle and everything in it; sprinkled oil on altar 7x anointing altar to consecrate, utensils, basin & stand; poured oil on A’s head; brought sons forward, put tunics on, tied sashes, fastened caps as L cmd M.
Presented bull for sin offering, A & sons laid hands on head; M slaughtered, took blood, put on horns of altar to purify, poured rest at base of altar; took fat around organs, long lobe of liver, kidneys and fat and burned on altar; bull, hide, flesh, intestines burned outside camp as L cmd M.
Presented ram for burnt offering, A & sons laid hands on head; M slaughtered, splashed blood against sides of altar; cut into pieces, burned head, pieces & fat; washed internal organs & legs w/water, burned whole ram on altar; pleasing aroma, food offering to L as L cmd M.
Presented other ram for ordination, A & sons laid hands on head; M slaughtered, took blood, put on lobe A’s rt ear, thumb rt hand, big toe rt foot; brought sons forward, put blood lobes rt ears, thumbs rt hands, big toes rt feet; splashed blood sides of altar.
He took fat, fat tail, fat around organs, long lobe of liver, kidneys & fat, rt thigh; bread 1 thick loaf w/olive oil mixed in, 1 thin loaf put on fat portions & rt thigh in hands of A & sons, they waved as wave offering; M took, burned on altar on top of ordination offering, pleasing aroma, food offering to L; M took breast, his share of ordination ram, waved before L as wave offering as L cmd M.
M took some anointing oil and blood from altar, sprinkled on A, garments, sons – consecrated; MtoA & sons: cook meat at entrance, eat there w/bread from basket of ordination offerings, burn up rest of meat & bread; don’t leave entrance for 7 days until ordination completed; what done today cmd by L atonement for you; you stay at entrance day & night 7 days so you not die; A & sons did everything L cmd M.
8th day M summoned A, sons, elders; toA: take bull calf for sin offering, ram for burnt offering, both w/o defect, present before L; say to Is: take male goat for sin offering, calf and lamb, both 1 yr old, w/o defect for burnt offering; ox and ram for fellowship offering w/grain offering mixed w/olive oil; today L appear to you; they took things commanded, assy stood before L; M: this L cmd that glory of L appear to you.
MtoA: come to altar, sacrifice sin & burnt offering, atonement for yourself & people; A slaughtered calf as sin offering for himself, sons brought blood, he put it on horns of altar, rest poured out at base; on altar, burned fat, kidneys, long lobe of liver; flesh & hide burned outside camp.
He slaughtered burnt offering, sons handed blood, he splashed sides of altar; they handed offering piece by piece including head & burned them on altar; he washed organs & legs & burned them on top of burnt offering on altar.
9:15 -24
A took goat for people’s sin offering, slaughtered, offered it; he brought burnt offering  and offered it; he brought grain offering, took handful, burned it in addition to morning’s burnt offering; slaughtered ox & ram as fellowship offering, sons handed him blood, he splashed against sides of altar; fat portions laid on breasts, A burned fat on altar; A waved breasts & rt thigh as wave offering; A blessed people; having sacrificed sin, burnt and fellowship offering, he stepped down; M&A into ToM, came out, blessed people, glory appeared; fire came out of presence of L, consumed burnt offering & fat portions; when people saw, they shouted for joy & fell facedown.
A’s sons Nadab and Abihu took censers, put fire in, added incense – offered unauthorized fire before L, contrary to cmd; fire came out of presence of L, consumed them, they died.
MtoA: this what L spoke of “among who approach me I will be proved holy; in sight of all people, I be honored”, A silent; M summoned Mishael and Elzaphan, son’s of A’s uncle Uzziel: come, carry cousins outside camp; they carried them still in tunics outside camp.
MtoA & sons Eleazar and Ithamar: do not let hair become unkempt, not tear clothes or you die and L angry w/community; your relatives/Israelites may mourn; do not leave entrance of ToM or you die because L’s anointing on you, they did as M said.
LtoA:you & sons not drink wine/fermented drink when you go into ToM or you die, lasting ordinance; so you distinguish betw holy & common, unclean & clean; so you teach Israelites all decrees L given through M.
MtoA and remaining sons: take grain offering left over, eat beside altar in sanctuary area; it your share and sons’ share of food offerings; you/sons/daught may eat waved breast and presented thigh, eat in ceremonially clean place, given as your share of Israelites’ fellowship offerings as L cmd.
When M inquired about goat of sin offering & found it’d been burned up, angry w/Eleazar and Ithamar: why didn’t eat sin offering in sanctuary, it most holy, given to take guilt of community, making atonement; since blood not taken into Holy Place, should have eaten goat in sanctuary as cmd; A: today they sacrificed sin & burnt offering, such things have happened to me; would L be pleased if I’d eaten sin offering today?  M hear, was satisfied.

Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture):

The Consecration of the Tabernacle and Articles and Ordination of the Priests
All believers are presented to God through Christ for service.
On the 8th Day, the Priests Present the Offerings
As part of the New Testament priesthood, we should imitate our High Priest, Jesus Christ.
God’s glory appears when we make obedient sacrifices to Him.
Nadab and Abihu Die and Eleazar and Ithamar Anger Moses
You cannot be under the influence of both spirits and the Holy Spirit.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure):

Seven days of Ordination end with death for two priests.


Aim (Christian and Non-Christian):

TCMATK God will be honored, glorified and worshiped as He commands because it serves a purpose to point to Jesus Christ; any other methods are unauthorized and potentially punishable.



How do you see Christ reflected in chapter 8?
Define “consecrated”.
Define “ordained”.
What sort of cleansing have you experienced since you’ve come to Christ?
Compare our High Priest with the description of Aaron in 8:5-9.
What are your priesthood garments?  When do you wear them?
Leviticus 8:14-29 describes the offerings given to consecrate and ordain Aaron and his sons.  How do these offerings compare to Christ’s one and only sacrifice for mankind?
In what way have you been consecrated and ordained for God’s service?
What might be the significance of the blood put on the right earlobe, thumb and big toe of the priests?
Why do you think the ordination took 7 days?
What was special about the 8th day after the ordination was complete?
In what way is the work of Jesus Christ foreshadowed in chapter 9?
How have you offered sacrifices on behalf of the people of God?
Aaron learned how to perform the sacrifices by watching and listening to Moses.  Who has been a mentor to you in spiritual matters and what have they taught you about how to approach God?
Who has God placed in your path to mentor?
How has God’s glory appeared to you after you have obediently made sacrifices to Him?
What part(s) of chapter 10 remind you of Jesus Christ?
Define “unauthorized”.
What might have made the fire that Nadab and Abihu presented “unauthorized”?
Leviticus 10:1-2 says that the unauthorized fire was contrary to command.  Where is that command and what did it say?
Where do you need to seek God’s will in how you are serving Him?
Why did Nadab and Abihu need to be taken outside of the camp?
Why do you think the other priests weren’t permitted to mourn their sons and brothers?  How does this principle apply to us today?
Why couldn’t the priests drink wine or fermented drink when entering the Tent of Meeting?  How might this apply to our service to God today?
How do you distinguish between holy & common, unclean & clean?
What action do you take to teach God’s decrees to those in your sphere of influence?
Why did Moses become angry with Eleazar and Ithamar?
What did Aaron mean when he said: “Today they sacrificed their sin offering and their burnt
offering before the LORD, but such things as this have happened to me. Would the
LORD have been pleased if I had eaten the sin offering today?”
Why did Aaron’s response satisfy Moses?

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