Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Truth Project: Lesson Seven – History: Whose Story?

Oh, what an incredible video teaching and discussion!  Are you a believer?  The Bible IS your history.  Throughout the Bible, God calls His people to remember.  This is crucial for us to do.  We need to remember what God has done in the past so that we can trust in His abilities for our future.

Del Tackett teaches that what you believe in the future is determined by the past.  Because of this, history is critical in the cosmic battle.  During this tour, lots of $5 terms are thrown around:

Historical Revisionism is a process by which history is revised to meet an objective or accomplish an agenda.  If you rewrite the past, you can make people believe whatever you want them to in the present.  And it actually happens.  Scary!  The first historical revision took place in the Garden of Eden when the serpent asked, “Did God really say…”  The Mayflower Compact was even revised to remove God and the purpose of the trip (for the glorie of God) from history.

To be honest, this tour created several questions in my mind.  How can I trust ANY recorded history?  I suppose if it mentions God, it is trustworthy.  But if it doesn’t mention God, how do I know that something having to do with God didn’t motivate whatever the event in question happens to be?  I am growing increasingly convinced that this is part of why we need to develop a Christian worldview.  God DOES color everything we think and do.  And He should.  And since we are His creation, He is our history.  And since He is our history, He is involved in some way in every aspect of our past, present and future.

Tackett also says that we have a problem with forgetting what we should remember and remembering what we should forget.  Did this statement punch anyone else in the gut?  This totally knocked the wind out of me.  I have to admit that I absolutely do both.  I don’t want to be this way, but I spend more time dwelling on failure than success.  I ponder how people have hurt me more than on how they have helped.  But how to break the cycle?  One thing I do is journal.  Especially when God answers prayer or something wonderful happens.  I suppose I need to add to my writing habit a practice of reading what I’ve written so I can remember…

God’s attributes and character are recorded in His Word for our benefit.  One of those attributes is His sovereignty.  He is absolutely in control!  His plans stand firm forever.  We have been created with free will but we are also subject to God’s sovereignty.

What is history?  Is it His story?  Or is it a tool?  We are all part of His story.  What part is He calling you to play today?

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