Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Truth Project: Lesson Eight – Sociology: The Divine Imprint

Before each session, I go through the materials I found online submitted by others.  They include transcribed notes from the teaching sessions and lengthy fill in the blank sheets.  Doing this gives me a decent overview of what is going to be presented in class that day.

This week I actually had the opportunity to use what I’ve been learning through the sessions and my debriefing as I write these blog posts.  I read online where Bill Nye has recently blasted Creationism and lauded evolution.  When I first read the article, I couldn’t think of a single response to refute what was being said.  So, I went back to my notes and re-read Darwin’s thoughts on how the geological record doesn’t really support his theory of evolution and how what has been learned in molecular biology supports intelligent design.  But are those two nuggets of fact enough to refute a gung-ho evolutionist?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  What we must remember is that it’s God’s job to draw men to Him.  It’s not our job to convict or convince.  Does this take the pressure off?  I hope so.  Just stay informed and keep researching the truth.

Now, onto sociology.  I loved this subject in college!  Apparently, my Pastor/Facilitator loved this subject, too.  Psychology for the masses…  It’s a God thing that our Pastor preached last weekend on relationships with others.  Wow!  God sure does know how to drive a point home.  Doesn’t He?

Del Tackett opens this week’s lecture with readings from Psalm 19 and Job 12.  The Job verses begin by saying “…ask the animals, and they will teach you…”  Really?  Who put that in Scripture while I wasn’t looking?  I need to pay better attention when I read and study the Word!  Anyway, Tackett spoke about the chicken egg and how it is structured and how perfectly God created it to produce the chicken!  The science of this is amazing.  Really.

This brings us to our key thought for this tour:  God is a God of order.  Is this a surprise to anyone?  Del Tackett says that “random, purposeless, mindless forces should produce a random, purposeless, mindless cosmos.  But that is not what we have!”

The teaching continues as Tackett shows the triune nature of God and how the three Persons of the Trinity relate to each other.  He then shows the parallels of the structure and function of the Trinity with that of the family and the church.  It’s all about relationships.  The fall of man damaged those relationships.  The secular worldview distorts those relationships.

There is nothing more honorable or powerful than submitting to God’s authority.  I take this a step further and include submission to the authority He places over me.  But the world has made submission an ugly word, a weak word.  But God is honored when we submit to Him and when we live our lives in accordance with how He created the family to be.

What one thing might you change this week to live more in accordance with what God desires for your family and your church?

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