Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Truth Project: Lesson Nine – Unio Mystica: Am I Alone?

This is my absolute favorite tour yet!  Unio mystica means “mystical union”.  Our mystical union with the infinite King of the universe is the heart of our belief as Christians!  We share a divine intimacy with the Lord.  Apart from Him, I am a dry stick on the ground.

Because I am a believer, the infinite God of the universe dwells in me!  Do I act like I believe this?  Not really, no.  How about you?

The topic of social laws was touched upon.  There are “Unique and Particular” social laws that apply to specific relationships.  These relationships are represented by the spheres at the top of the temple drawing that has been shown and discussed throughout The Truth Project study.  There are “General and Universal” social laws that apply to everything.  When we blur the social laws by applying the wrong law to the wrong relationship, we distort God’s design.  For example, with regard to “labor”, a man refusing to work for a woman and citing a verse about “family” is blurring the social laws that apply to “labor” and “family” relationships.

Another potential danger is blurring the relationship spheres themselves.  For instance, if you go to “church”, you may feel that you have satisfied the “God and man” relationship.  And, conversely, if you enjoy “God and man” fellowship outside of “church”, you may think that you don’t need to attend “church” at all.  We must know and apply the appropriate social laws to the proper relationship spheres.

Here is some phenomenal news about relationships:  God has adopted us as sons, inviting us into the Godhead because the Holy Spirit indwells us.  HALLELUJAH!  He is interested in oneness.

What keeps us from intimacy?  Deep fellowship?  Unity?  Oneness?  That is the root of our problem.

We need to remember and obey the Lord’s commands.  When we don’t, we prostitute ourselves by pursuing the lusts of our hearts and eyes.

We are hungry for significance.  This is beautiful when it is satisfied within a covenant relationship.  But this hunger has the potential  to destroy us if we attempt to satisfy this hunger  outside of a covenant relationship.

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