Thursday, October 29, 2009

REVIEW: Stand-In Groom by Kaye Dacus

“Stand-In Groom” by Kaye Dacus is the first novel in her series located in Bonneterre, LA. Although I’ve read these books out of order (I reviewed the 2nd novel in this series “Menu For Romance” earlier this year), these books can easily be read and enjoyed independently of the other novels. In fact, knowing what I know about book 2 actually made me enjoy this novel more, I think.

Anne, the wedding planner, is the focal point of this beautifully written romance. Even though I already knew the outcome of this book from reading its successor, I was gripped in the first chapter, sympathizing with Anne as she’s stood up on a blind date. I was immediately drawn into the intrigue of the story by an insatiable need to know what was going to happen next. That pace was consistent throughout this wonderful novel.

A case of misleading identity is at the crux of the conflict of this book. George is pretending to be the groom of a wedding that Anne is planning. He is under contract not to disclose his true identity to anyone – including Anne (even though he is falling head over heels in love with her) – or he will be fired and deported back to England. Anne can’t believe she can’t get her mind off of the groom of this wedding she’s planning! She can’t be falling for him! How unprofessional is that?!?! Will the truth set them free to fall in love? Or will the threat of deportation keep them from building a relationship, pulling them apart for good?

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