Sunday, October 04, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen, Blake has left the building...

Blake Shelton puts on a good show. He's a talented musician and a gifted singer. Although his show - including one encore - only lasted an hour and 20 minutes, it was well worth the money and the hour-log drive to get to Primm. This made for an enjoyable four-hour-long evening for my family, and allowed us the opportunity to pop one of Blake's CDs in the player when the Air1 radio signal gave out.

The show was high-energy - Blake's band is an incredibly talented group of guys! The venue was a fairly large intimate gathering - Buffalo Bill's Star of the Desert Arena was sectioned so that only half of the seating was being used. The arena was packed and a crowd gathered at the foot of the stage for a closer glimpse (and possibly a handshake) from this handsome, friendly cowboy. Blake danced with his collection of guitars - it seemed that he changed instruments with nearly every song. Couples danced down front and a couple of bold gals jumped onstage for a quick hug before they were ushered back to their seats.

Even the security officers were kind and helpful - letting the stage jumpers remain in the arena for the rest of the show, bringing people closer to the stage to get better photos, and kindly meandering through the audience asking folks to please refrain from video taping.

By his own admission, Blake flies back home to Oklahoma this morning. Have a safe trip, Blake. Enjoy the deer hunting for the next couple of weeks. Try not to shoot one in the face. I'll be sure to catch your show again.

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