Sunday, June 07, 2009

REVIEW: Las Vegas Entertainment - The Lion King

There is nothing quite like live theater. And the Mandalay Bay Theatre offers an electrifying theatrical experience with the acclaimed Broadway import "The Lion King".

The acclaim is deserved! I cannot say enough good about this outstanding show! The sets are spectacular! The costumes are brilliant and beautiful! (Be sure to stop by the gift shop outside of the theatre BEFORE the show for a close-up look at Scar's costume. It'll make you appreciate the creativity while you're watching the show. Also, if you have time, there is a small display in the hallway of Mandalay Place that shows several models of costumes. They are really cool.) The music, dance and acting performances onstage, in the aisles and in the orchestra pit are high-energy and drip with talent! Make sure you're in your seat early - both acts begin with performances in the aisles, and you will be locked out of the theater and miss some really cool stuff if you're not already in your seat!

Speaking of seats... There is no bad seat in this venue, so don't worry about buying the cheap seats - IF YOU CAN GET THEM!

ONE WARNING: Remember that this is a Disney production. There will be children at this event. If you'd like less of a possibility of having a little person stand up right in front of you during the show, being kicked, spilled on or hearing little voices constantly saying, "What are they doing? Why did they do that? That didn't happen in the movie." I recommend going to a later show. Fortunately, the parents at our Saturday matinee were pretty attentive to their kids, so I only ended up with a couple of tiny footprints on my dress and not a lemonade slush in my lap.

The lemonade slush was delicious, by the way. So was the mojito slush.

Make sure you get your program from the usher at the first door inside the theatre (before you get to the snack bar). They don't give them out at every door, and there are some coupons and offers inside. I think my husband wishes I hadn't gotten a program, because now that I know Madame Tussaud's has a wax likeness of Johnny Depp, I just have to use my $5 off coupon and go there next!

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