Wednesday, June 17, 2009

REVIEW: Breach of trust by DiAnn Mills

“Breach of Trust” is the first installment in the Call of Duty series by author DiAnn Mills. This latest effort follows the story of Paige Rogers, a mild mannered librarian in a small town whose past reveals a secret life of a former CIA operative. She is being forced to keep her real identity hidden by a former associate with political aspirations. She’s in love with the town’s high school football coach, Miles Laird, but refuses to act on her romantic impulses for fear that she will put him in danger. It doesn’t help that Miles refuses to give up on pursuing a relationship with her.

The past comes crashing down on Paige and Miles as hidden secrets crawl from the woodwork. This suspenseful thriller kept me turning pages well past bedtime as I approached the thrilling twists and turns and action sequences – which I felt could have been crafted a bit better. Still, DiAnn weaves a thoroughly entertaining story with a thick cord of faith in God that will inspire and encourage. I can’t wait for the next Call of Duty book!

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Linda W. said...

DiAnn is a great writer. I would expect nothing less from 'Breach of Trust.'
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