Saturday, June 06, 2009

REVIEW: Las Vegas Dining - Texas de Brazil

What a dining experience! I've never been to a Brazilian steakhouse before - and I may not have many oportunities to return because of the price - but I would highly recommend this unique restaurant for any meat lover with a hearty appetite!

The experience begins when you open the front door and smell the fire and meat and spices. When your hostess seats you, your server is not far behind to take your drink order and explain how to enjoy the finest in steakhouse dining. First, you enjoy a trip to the salad bar, but don't grab too much. Sample some new things and get right back to your table because the adventure is about to begin!

Your server gives you a button - one side is red, the other green. When you are ready to partake of the freshly grilled filet mignon, flank steak, sirloin, barbecued pork ribs, parmesan pork, leg of lamb, lamb chops, chicken and seafood (depending on the menu for the evening), you turn your button with the green side facing up. Then, the gauchos who are walking through the dining room with skewers of meats will stop by your table, announce what they are serving, and offer you the most delectable fare! Choose what you like or try something new. It's all you can eat, so enjoy!

When you've had enough, turn your button so the red side is facing up, and you can eat in peace until you are ready for more. Then just flip the button over again and the gauchos will visit you again...and again...and again.

You can let your server know what you'd like to try if that particular item hasn't been brought to your table, and he or she will send that gaucho to you. This was an absolutely WONDERFUL meal! A great way for my husband and I to spend our anniversary! (Today, we're going to see "The Lion King" at Mandalay Bay - I'll blog about that soon...) I will definitely do it again with a discount coupon! Sign up for their e-club at their website ( and they will send you discounts via e-mail.

But don't bother to mention my name when you go there because it won't get you a better seat - there is no bad seat in this steakhouse!


Linda said...

Congratultions on your anniverary! Are the Brazilian flavorings much diff than American? Sounds like a great place. Would love to see 'The Lion King.' Have seen reviews and it so creative.

Stacey said...

Thanks, Linda. Your question about the Brazilian flavorings is a great question! I probably didn't blog about it because I didn't notice a difference in the spicing on the meats. However, the items on the salad bar are a different story. Ethnic salads and exotic seafood, smoked cheeses, meats and vegetables - YUM!

And I totally forgot to mention the garlic mashed potatoes and fried bananas they serve at every table.

joannehall said...

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