Wednesday, April 08, 2015

One in a Million by Priscilla Shirer – Session 4

Our discussion this week was cut a bit short because of another long video and limited class time, so we just chatted about the wilderness, why God allows it in our lives – or rather calls us to it – and what He teaches us while we’re there.  We talked about being deliberate in our walk with Him and spending time with Him.  We talked about our response to the wilderness and our resistance to any discomfort in our lives.  Since the wilderness is a “given” in life, I’d really like to have a better, more mature attitude about it.  But I’m hesitant to pray for that…

After watching this week’s video teaching, I had to jump on YouTube and check out Brian Welch’s testimony!  I don’t know anything about the band “Korn”, except Welch used to be their lead guitarist until he accepted a relationship with Jesus Christ and left that rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle to raise his daughter and worship the Lord.  He spoke at a church in my area a few years ago and now that I’ve watched him on YouTube, I’m sorry I missed him at that event!  His story inspires and encourages me and makes me want to pray more faithfully for those I know who don’t know Jesus.

I love the idea that the Lord woos us into the wilderness with Him.  It took me a minute to love the idea, because it seemed like some sort of trick to lure me into a painful place.  Now, the thought of an intense time with the Lord is truly desirable.  And while we’re with Him in the wilderness, we get to experience some pretty spectacular stuff.  Knowing this makes the wilderness seem less scary.  I want to get to the point our group discussed which is an immediate response to entering the wilderness where I am excited to see what God is going to do with the trip rather than being afraid to go.

I can’t wait to get home tonight to spend time with Christ in this study.  The way my time with Him on this topic has worked out has been an intensive three hours on Thursday evenings.  I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone, certainly.  I do have other one-on-One times with Him throughout the week.  Meeting with Him daily is crucial to the Christian life!

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