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Homiletics: Exodus 39:32-40:38

Contents (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture):  Where?                                                                Who?

Work on tabern completed just as L cmd M, (Is) brought tabern to M: tent, furnishings, clasps, frames, crossbars, posts, bases, coverings, curtains, ark, poles, atonemt cvr, table, articles, bread, lampstand, accessories, oil, altar, anoint oil, incense, bronze altar, poles, utensils, basin, stand, ropes, tent pegs, garments for ministering & priests.
Is did just as L cmd M; M inspected, saw they done just as L cmd, blessed them.
LtoM: set up tabern 1st d of 1st mo, place ark, shield w/curtain.
Bring table & what belongs on it; lampstand, set up; altar of incense in front of ark, curtain @ entrance.
altar of burnt off in front of entrance; basin betw ToM & altar, water in; set up courtyard around, curtain @ entrance.
Take anoint oil & anoint tabern & everything, consecrate it & furnishings & it be holy; anoint alter of burnt off, consecrate, it be most holy; anoint basin & stand & consecrate.
Bring A & sons to entrance ToM, wash, dress A, anoint/consecrate so he serve Me as priest; bring sons, dress, anoint so they serve Me as priests; their anointing to priesthood that continue for all generations; M did as L cmd.
Tabern set up 1st d of 1st mo 2nd yr; when M set up, put bases in place, erected frames, inserted crossbars, set up posts; spread tent over tabern, put covering over tent as L cmd.
Took Testimony, placed in ark, attached poles, atonemt cvr; brought ark into tabern, hung shielding curtain as L cmd.
M placed table in ToM on N, outside curtain, set out bread as L cmd; lampstand opposite table on S, set up lamps as L cmd.
M placed gold altar in Tom in front of curtain, burned incense as L cmd, put curtain @ entrance of tabern.
Set altar of burnt off @ entrance of tabern, ToM, offered burnt & grain off as L cmd; placed basin betw ToM & altar & put water for washing; M, A & sons used to wash hands & feet; washed when entered ToM or approached altar as L cmd.
M set up courtyd around tabern & altar, put up curtain@ entrance so M finished work.
Then cloud covered ToM; glory of L filled tabern; M couldn’t enter ToM bec cloud settled, glory filled tabern; in all travels of Is, when cloud lifted, they set out; so cloud over tabern by day, fire in cloud by night, in sight of all Is during travels.


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture):

Israel completes the tabernacle and the Lord gives assembly instructions.
God is specific and detailed in how we must serve Him.
Moses sets up, anoints and consecrates the tabernacle and the priests.
Obedience to God’s instruction is essential for serving Him.
God’s glory settles in the tabernacle.
The appearance of God’s glory is a good indication of where He is.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure):

Israel completes the tabernacle, Moses assembles and God settles there.


Aim (Christian and Non-Christian):

TCMATK God teaches His people how to do the work He plans for us, anoints and consecrates us as His priests and leads us with His glory.



What was the last thing you did “just as the Lord commanded”?
Why do you think the Lord’s instructions for the tabernacle are so specific?
List the different parts of the tabernacle and how they might appear in the New Testament.
If you are called to inspect someone else’s work for the Lord, how might you handle that responsibility?
In what way do you bless others in their ministries?
How does the Lord instruct you in what to do for Him?
Create a simple drawing of how God wanted the tabernacle laid out.
What are the steps to prepare Aaron and his sons to serve in the priesthood?
How does the Lord prepare us to serve as priests today?
What is the significance of the date when the tabernacle is first set up?
What might be the significance of how Moses erects the tabernacle?
What does the set up of the tabernacle teach you about teamwork?
Where do you find God’s glory?
How might you apply the picture of Israel remaining where they were until the cloud lifted from the tabernacle to your own decision-making processes?
What changes do you need to make to draw closer to God?

You'll notice a large chunk of the text has not been analyzed with homiletics.  The homiletics from the Pentateuch this year generally corresponds with the BSF assignment I am studying.  I plan to do and publish my homiletics even when there is no BSF assignment to do so, but otherwise, I usually stick to the verses they assign.  I believe chapters 35 through the beginning of 39 were omitted because they are details about the tabernacle furnishings.  Maybe during Christmas break I'll study those verses.

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