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Homiletics: Exodus 33:7-34:35

Contents (not sentence, direct verbiage from Scripture):  Where?                  Desert, Sinai     Who? The Lord, Moses, Aaron, Joshua, Israel

M pitch tent outside camp – “tent of meeting” – anyone inquiring of Lord go tent; when M went, all stood at their tent entrances watching M; M went in, pillar of cloud come down, stay at entrance while L spoke M; when people saw pillar of cloud, they worshiped.
L speak to M face to face as friend then M return to camp but Joshua not leave tent; MtoL you telling me “lead people” but you not let me know who you send w/me, you said “I know you and you found favor w/me”; if you pleased, teach me your ways so I know you, continue to find favor w/you, this nation your people.
L: My presence go w/you, I give you rest; M: if your presence not go, do not send us; how anyone know you pleased w/me and people unless you go w/us, what else distinguish me and people from all other people?
LtoM:I do thing you asked bec I pleased & know you by name; M: show me your glory; L: I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, I will proclaim my name, the Lord, in your presence, I have mercy on whom I have mercy, compassion on whom I have comp; but you cannot see face, no one may see and live; there is place near me where you may stand; when glory passes, I put you in cleft in rock and cover you w/my hand until I passed by; then I remove hand and you see my back but face must not be seen.
LtoM: chisel 2 stone tablets and I write words on first tablets you broke; be ready AM, come up Sinai present yourself on top of mt; M chiseled tablets like 1st ones, went up Sinai early AM as L cmd, he carried tablets.
L came down in cloud, proclaimed his name, the Lord; he passed in front of M: the Lord, the Lord, compassionate & gracious, slow to anger, abounding in love/faithfulness; maintaining love to thousands, forgiving wickedness/rebellion/sin, does not leave guilty unpunished, punishes children for sin of parents to 3rd & 4th gen.
M bowed at once & worshiped: L, if I found favor in your eyes, let L go w/us, although this is stiff-necked people, forgive our wickedness/sin, take us as inheritance; L: I making covenant w/you, before your people I do wonders never before done, people will see how awesome is work I do; obey, I drive out “ites”; be careful not make treaty w/those who live in land or they be snare; break down altars, smash sacred stones, cut asherah poles; do not worship any other god for L, whose name is Jealous, is jealous God.
“Be careful not make treaty, when they prostitute selves/sacrifice, they invite you & you eat sacrifices; when you choose their dtrs as wives for your sons & those dtrs prostitute themselves, they lead your sons do same; do not make idols.
“Celebrate Festival of Unl Bread – 7 days eat bread w/o yeast, do at appt time in mo of Aviv for in that mo you came out of E; 1st offspring of every womb belongs to me, incl all firstborn males of livestock.
“redeem firstborn donkey w/lamb, if you do not redeem, break neck, redeem all firstborn sons, no one appear before me empty handed; 6 days labor, 7th day rest even during plowing and harvest; celebrate Festival of Weeks w/firstfruits of wheat harvest and Festival of Ingathering at turn of year.
“3x/yr men appear before Sovereign L, GofIs; I drive out nations before you, enlarge your territory, no one covet your land when you go up 3x/yr to appear before L.
“Do not offer blood of sacrifice w/anything containing yeast, do not let any of Passover sacrifice remain until AM; bring best of firstfruits of soil to L, do not cook young goat in its mother’s milk; write these words, for in accordance w/these words I made covenant w/you and Is.
M w/L 40 days/nights w/o eating bread/drinking water, he wrote on tablets words of covenant - Ten Commandments; when M came down w/tablets he not aware his face was radiant bec he’d spoken w/L; when A & Is saw M, his face was radiant & they afraid to come near; but M called them, so A & leaders came & he spoke to them; after, all Is came near, he gave cmds; when M finished, he put veil over face.
Whenever he entered L’s presence, he rem veil until he came out and when he came out and told Is what he’d been commanded; they saw his face radiant, then M put veil on until he went to speak w/L.


Divisions (run-on sentence OK, direct verbiage from Scripture):

Moses meets with the Lord in the Tent of Meeting
Meeting with the Lord regularly is crucial for the servant of God.
Moses meets with the Lord on Mount Sinai
When we meet with the Lord, we get to know Him intimately.
Our meetings with the Lord should involve our reverence and worship.
We should offer the Lord the best of what we have.
The Lord has provided us with instructions for life and we should follow them.
Moses Returns to Camp Radiant from God’s Presence
The time we spend with the Lord is evident to others even if we’re unaware.


Subject Sentence (10-word sentence with proper structure):

Moses’ meetings with the Lord make his face radiant.


Aim (Christian and Non-Christian):

TCMATK Time spent with God changes us in ways that people will notice just like Moses’ countenance reflected the radiance of God’s presence.



Describe your routine meeting schedule with the Lord.  (If you don’t have one, what schedule are you willing to commit to beginning today?)
What benefits have you experienced as a result of meeting regularly with the Lord?
What ways of God has He revealed to you and how do you know Him better as a result?
What distinguishes God’s people from other people?
Where do you meet with the Lord and what makes each location remarkable?
What is the best that you have to offer the Lord today?
How have you responded to the instructions the Lord has provided for your life?
In what way might the time you spend with the Lord be evident to others?
How might what is visible to others be hidden from our own eyes?


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